Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sheli's in Recovery!

Pops just called and Sheli is in recovery. The doc was able to see the disc right away, it was sitting right on a nerve! OUCH! Probably her LAST nerve! Lame, but I know some of you laughed right out loud!!

Anyway, all repairs are finished. She will go home tomorrow as long as she is doing good.

Thanks to all who prayed!!

Dentist Visit

Maeci Moo and her favorite hygenist! Who knew you could look so cool while getting your teeth cleaned?! They kinda look like super heros.....

And NO cavities!!

Today is a rainy stormy gloomy day....sounds like the beginning of a scary story or maybe I woke up in Forks, WA?

Anyway, my sister, Sheli is in surgery as I type this. It should take right around 3 hrs to repair some back issues. I'm praying that its a smooth surgery and that she has a full recovery. Mainly cuz we are missing her good cooking...ok, don't gasp, I'm only kidding...kinda.

My Dad (aka Pop) is going to call me as soon as they hear from the doc! Thanks for all the prayers!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

New Friend?

Found Jay outside with a new friend. Jay, do we need to talk?

He looks a little irritated that he got caught...sorry. Don't let me interrupt....carry on....


Friday, April 17, 2009


So, I'm totally copying borrowing, this video from my friend Ashley's blog. It's HI LARRY US!!! If you use Facebook, you have to watch this! I hate to leave anyone out of something that will hopefully give you at least a smile!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Woo to the Hoo Wednesday.....Best Raspberries in the South

Some of you will think this is crude, some will think "Why?", some will think "Oh, what a gifted child!"

My Woo to the Hoo goes to Delaney, my girlfriend Ang's talented daughter.

This girl has got a set a lips and an arm for the best sounding.....ahem.....let's call them "raspberries" for the sake of those who are thinking this is crude and "Why?"

I would go into detail about the way they sounded but I won't, you know, for the sake of those who are thinking this is crude and "Why?"

I promise you, I have never heard anything quite so, so....ok we'll just keep using this word...crude, coming out of a mouth! I'm sure it was one of Ang's proudest moment as a mother.

D.A.N.G. girl, how do you do that????!!! The girls got skillz!!!


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter 2009

Every year we have an Easter Egg Hunt. It seems over the years that it has gotten smaller and smaller, I guess that's cuz the kids are getting bigger and bigger. We only had 3 this not egg hunts. But there are some things that will never change and one of those things will always be "hiding an egg in your sock".

Ever since I can remember, my Papa always hid an egg in his sock. It just made his day and he would sit and sit till someone found that egg! Every year! And every year the kids who had been around for awhile, knew it was there. The new kids...not so much. It has been a family tradition and will continue you on as long as there are little ones to play along. This year my Papa wasn't around to watch the hunt so my dad, aka Pop, took over. I think he's done it a few times and I think he enjoys it a little to much..just a little. Maybe it's the inner 8 yr old that craves to come out constantly!

I didn't get a very good picture and I'm sure that you all are dissappointed...but picture if you will and egg in his it? Good.

We had to go through the whole, "you're getting hotter, hotter, oops now your cold, oh oh oh almost there, hotter, colder, got it!!!

You are warm.... colder....


Oh the excitement!!!

Everyone also gets a prize egg...

it's got their name on it and just maybe a little cash!

It's wonderful to have family traditions even if they seem small and silly! I love each and every one of ours. We had a great day and was nice that my sister was able to join us, even though she is following strict bedrest orders! We called and she said, I can't wait to get up and get out of here. There was no begging or anything! Hmmm....Isn't that the way it was Sheli? Oops, did I screw up? Oh yeah....we hog tied her and threw her on the tractor....maybe it was on the horse.....hmmm, I hope her doctor doesn't read this.....

Anyhoo, do you have Easter traditions that you want to share? I would love to hear them!

Moo & Paddles

Moo & Paddles on the way home from South Carolina last week. I love that she still has him.

This post is really all about trying out blogging from my phone! What an awesome feature!!

So, I'm trying out a new thing! Well maybe its not new to some of you! Blogging from my Blackberry!! How cool!!! Now I will have to think of something to post that's worth reading, unlike this little masterpiece!

I'm back!!!!

Not that anyone missed me or anything but I hope you did...a little...I missed you!

We went to SC to visit my girlfriend Angie and her beautiful family!!! We had so so so much fun! The weather stunk BUT who needs sunshine and warm weather when you are with you buddies?! (um I might need a little of it....just sayin.) Ashley even came to visit us from Georgia! We had a great time and you know we were giggling like teenagers!

We stayed a whole week and laughed and talked, watched movies, went boating, went shopping, did a little farming on Farm Town, hung out on Facebook (just when it was rainy), got a little sun, etc. All the things you do when you are with friends!

I thought I would share a few photos with you! Enjoy!



Talk to you all soon!


Hi all! Wow, It's been a month since I've even checked my own blog out! I've missed you guys!

Now, I need to tell you all about a giveaway that I just entered on Kristen's blog! She's very cool AND she makes beautiful hand stamped sterling silver jewelry! Go check it out!!!

I will hopefully be back soon!