Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter 2009

Every year we have an Easter Egg Hunt. It seems over the years that it has gotten smaller and smaller, I guess that's cuz the kids are getting bigger and bigger. We only had 3 this year...kids not egg hunts. But there are some things that will never change and one of those things will always be "hiding an egg in your sock".

Ever since I can remember, my Papa always hid an egg in his sock. It just made his day and he would sit and sit till someone found that egg! Every year! And every year the kids who had been around for awhile, knew it was there. The new kids...not so much. It has been a family tradition and will continue you on as long as there are little ones to play along. This year my Papa wasn't around to watch the hunt so my dad, aka Pop, took over. I think he's done it a few times and I think he enjoys it a little to much..just a little. Maybe it's the inner 8 yr old that craves to come out constantly!

I didn't get a very good picture and I'm sure that you all are dissappointed...but picture if you will and egg in his sock...got it? Good.

We had to go through the whole, "you're getting hotter, hotter, oops now your cold, oh oh oh almost there, hotter, colder, WARM....you got it!!!

You are warm....

Warmer...hot...oohhh colder....


Oh the excitement!!!

Everyone also gets a prize egg...

it's got their name on it and just maybe a little cash!

It's wonderful to have family traditions even if they seem small and silly! I love each and every one of ours. We had a great day and was nice that my sister was able to join us, even though she is following strict bedrest orders! We called and she said, I can't wait to get up and get out of here. There was no begging or anything! Hmmm....Isn't that the way it was Sheli? Oops, did I screw up? Oh yeah....we hog tied her and threw her on the tractor....maybe it was on the horse.....hmmm, I hope her doctor doesn't read this.....

Anyhoo, do you have Easter traditions that you want to share? I would love to hear them!


  1. LOL! Glad Easter was fun! :)

  2. that is too funny... I bet the kids get a kick out of that even if it happens every year

  3. Sounds and looks like a lot of fun!!
    It's neat how there's that one every year that has the "secret" egg. Hehe. Glad Pop could keep the tradition going.
    It's great to have you back in bloggy world!

  4. Traditions are the best. We always color eggs, of course. We also hunt plastic ones. This year the kids hid them for us and we had to find them too! Fun times.

  5. Oh, that is the cutest thing!! I love it!!

  6. Now that's adorable. Such a cute tradition!

  7. I love it, an egg in the sock!!! How cute. Sounds like your Pop likes to have a lot of fun!!

  8. oh how fun! I love your traditions. WE HAVE too many traditions for EVERY holiday! we do resurrection cookies and rolls, we have silly string fights and we hunt eggs and do confetti egg smashing, all wear the same color for easter, and.. it goes on. But, it is all fun! Oh the easter bunny leaves bunny droppings around the house but its ok, bunny poop is the best too eat and he drops his pink peter cotton tails through the house to their baskets. (pink cotton balls)

  9. Papa hid the egg in his sock and sat out on the deck w/his pant leg up a bit. Addison and Colton saw it almost at the exact same time but she grabbed it! They were so cute! Papa got a real kick out of it,too. I was hoping they would make it in time for your egg hunt to do the same. It was a great day!

  10. Right now I'm feeling so honored! My Aunt Peg (aka Meemaw) commented on MY blog!!! I thought she loved CG more than me...I'm not as funny as CG but still...I'm family! Thanks Meemaw!! xo

  11. the girl cleaned house at our egg hunt! she was a machine! she came out with like $6.50 even!

    and no you did not post that goofy comment about my mom loving cg!! LOL

  12. Attentioin all blog readers, My account of how I was forced to go to the Easter Cookout is the accurate one. Maybe. Ok, not exactly, but it sure sounds better!

    And Meemaw aka Aunt Pegro commented on mine for the 1st time also. 'Cept she accused me of "stealing" CG phrases. What-Ev! Who's older CG or Sheli? I think I created those phrases before she was out of diapers.

    Boy am I defensive on drugs or what!! Back down, girl. Put a chain on my neck and tie me to a cinder block. Sheesh.

  13. What a fun Easter tradition! Loved reading about it!


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