Sunday, August 31, 2008

This morning...

This is what we woke up to a couple of days ago. The Senior pranks have begun! Yay! I love them as long as it's good CLEAN fun and no ONE, no THING gets hurt! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

I woke The Teen up early and told him he needed a few extra minutes to get into his truck!

That's alot of Saran Wrap...I wonder if I can reuse it.........

Friday, August 29, 2008

Eye Candy......

Headed to lunch and decided to sit by the fountain for a few relaxing quiet moments with a friend. It's beautiful outside!

Looked up and to our surprise we were given a gift from God...right there perched on the edge of the fountain was DESSERT.......BWWWWAAAAAAAA....ahahahahaha!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Celeb Strikes Again!

Ok...this is short but sweet....

Kids say or sing the darnedest things - The Celeb and I were sitting at the dinner table a couple of nights ago and out of the clear blue sky, she started singing Amazing Grace....."that saved a wrench like me"....LOL!!! I'm sure there's other kids out there who have done the same...It sounds like wrench!

Of course I had to get on the horn with my sister and she sent me this via text:

Another one saved by God. PTL!

And the next text said - Oh my - "Our whole toolbox is rejoicing!!!!" She thinks she is so WAS actually..and if you are not laughing, you had to be there....

Oh, how I wish I could think of more funny things my kids have said cuz there's a crapload but I'm so tired right now. The Celeb had basketball practice from 6:00-7:30...I got home at 6:00 changed and headed out the door. Of course, I had to have someone get her there so she wouldn't be late! I also thawed hamburger out before I headed out. Got home at 7:45 and had tacos on the table by 8:10! Started a load of laundry, cleaned the kitchen and was practicing vocab works with The Celeb at 8:40....

Oh, and lest we not forget the evening argument with The Teen...he is now moving out when he's 18 (6 months) with "the guys" because we are ridiculous parents who make him put gas in his OWN vehicle, which is really OUR vehicle that we chose to GIVE to me when you turn 18 and we'll see how far out of the driveway you get on $6.55 an hour....

I'm exhausted and may be turning in early tonight. My head hurts.....I'll get back to this soon...
Anyone else have some funny things your kids have said packed away in your brains??? Tell me about em!


Monday, August 25, 2008

"Mom, Will you make my hair curly???"

Ugh...I hate those words because it means lots of "Ow, ouch, Mom you're pulling my hair, OMG, do you have to curl it so tight...blah blah blah!" Why does she ask me to do it then?!


So...we curled it up! Only to hear..."Mom, this one's falling out and this one too"....So, I used my trusty ol bobby pins to hold them in.


I know what y'all are thinking...Wow, that's a crappy rolling job! But come on girls, I had spent all afternoon cleaning out my closet..the last thing I wanted to do was put rollers in the head of a 9 yr. old celebrity wannabe!


But I did, cuz I'm a really good mom!!! Show me some love!

The Celeb then headed for bed with those big ol curlers in and made it through the night without waking me to take them out..."Cuz, these hurt my head!"

My creation

She woke up the next morning so excited to see her curly new doo...This is what I get -

"OMG, it's way to curly...I didn't know it would be so tight...Is it supposed to look like this?...I hate how the curls stick together like that....I don't like it...Can you just put it up in a pony???"

What??????? She's going to be the death of me..............Before you ask, I was way to irritated to get a picture of the curly doo..........and by the way she looked like Phyllis Diller....

Sunday, August 24, 2008

WHO WANTS A CLEAN HOUSE...if y'all know the show, you will know how to sing this title! I so wanted to make a phone call to Niecy Nash and the Clean House crew but decided to tackle it myself! AAAAAAARRRRRGGGGGGGG! This is what happened when I was trying to find something to wear to church! Nothing fits, I hate everything, all my clothes are old, dingy and worn out! Great attitude to head to church huh??? Pray for me people!

I just wasn't fillin my inner fashion sense Sunday morning and this is what happened...


Here's one upside down cuz that's what it looked and felt like, like I was all shook up...


I'm a tad embarrassed by this but feel that I need to talk about my hot mess, foolishness and mayhem....

So, I decided to ORGANIZE!! I proceeded to pull everything out...


and go through every piece of clothing that we have and OMG I have so much stuff to donate to an organization that I love called Sheltering Wings!

I ask all you ladies and/or men if you are seriously still reading this a shoe problem???


And is this necessary? Does a girl NEED this many pairs of flops???? Pick me, pick me...I love me some flops!!! (side note: apparantly I do need them because I was only able to part with 2 pairs)


So....after much sorting and pitching, this is what I got......I really feel that the Garage Sale Diva would be so proud right now....


In the words of my girl Niecy...

Baby I cleaned house! Now, I know what you are all thinking...OHHH, Miss Keli, when can you take care of my foolishness and mayhem....I can only do all this fabulousness, one closet at a time!

Should I Stay or Should I Go...

Stop Lights

This is one of my very bestest friends daughter...she's off to college this week, we'll call her Big Sis! She's nervous and excited about the new path in life she's about to venture/stroll/walk/run/slide down! It will be bumpy at times but she's got it goin' on!

Isn't she the cutest???


About 12 of us attended the Last Supper for Big Sis at her favorite hot spot...

Little Mexico

She was quite surprised to see all of us there.. or she pretended to be! If you knew, we really tried to keep it quiet but we all know how Lil Sis is...she may have leaked the plans...


Here's some of us partaking in a litte mexican grub.... we were the loudest group in the place!

The Gang

This is one of Big Sis's closest friends.....

Jorden & Brooke

Oh...I'll let you in on a litte secret..Big Sis got a tattoo cuz she's 18 and she she says...this is the parlor that carved the peace sign on the inside of her wrist...I didn't get a picture of the TAT...ugh..what was I thinking? But I'm sure y'all can picture how stinkin' cute it is!


Big Sis...We will all miss you! Nan and Mom are going to miss you terribly! Get ready for lot's of tears, phones calls, and text messages! Keep that phone on and close or they will both have an APB out for your whereabouts! And sista, you know what I mean!

Nan & Tam

Oh...and Lil Sis! Blogger friends - Lil Sis is something else! She's hilarious, fun and I'm telling you A MESS! What will life be for her without you?! Who's nerves will she get on..who will she argue with...Life is over as she knows it.... I'm a little afraid for Mom!

Jorden & Peyton

Jorden & Peyton

Oh yeah...she's got MOM to harass! Tam, I feel for ya! I'm glad I got photos or you would still be trying to figure that DAG camera out! Say it with me Tam - DIRECTIONS!


Oh and we had a birthday while we where there...Happy Birthday Brown! (She'll kill me when she finds out I blogged this for all of blog world to see!)


Big Sis, you've grown into a beautiful, loving young lady and I know that you will make something of yourself and go far in whatever you choose! Watch out campus!!! We are all going to miss you lots! Your humor, laughter, beauty, etc...thank you for all the fun you've given us! Have a great time at college, be careful and enjoy!


Girl, you know I have to end this with your famous expression or it would never be the same....


Te Quiero!!!

Thursday, August 21, 2008


Ok, The Teen is feeling unloved! He believes that I have an unnatural "The Celeb" addiction going on! Whatever! He usually doesn't want my camera anywhere near him! Ugh! Teens are so frustrating! Can we say HORMONES! Man, he's worse than a girl ever thought about being! One minute he's all..."Mom, today at school we, and tonight we are going...blah blah blah" and not 5 minutes later he's like "NO, You are so annoying, the most annoying Mom, why do you talk like that....Why are you yelling..(mind you, I'm talking in a normal tone!) tiring! But tonight, he WANTED his picture taken!

Tomorrow night is the first high school football game of the season. The Teen and his possi (how come this word is not in the dictionary?) are in charge of getting the student section riled up! They made flags, headbands, etc. Here's a few pics to help you understand...

This is The Teen rockin' the 60's look...

The Teen

School Spirit - Come On Dude - SMILE ALREADY!

Come On Dude - SMILE

Now that's School Spirit - I'm thinking he's needs a little training from Arianna & Craig...
I say who you talkin’ to
Who you talkin’ to
Who you talkin’ to

Go Danville

And he tells me this is how they roll??? Choir Robes - "Come on, Mom, we are playing the Quakers!" you show up in Choir Robes...whatever...

This is how we roll?


All aboard! Butt, butt, butt, butt,
Butt, butt, butt, butt UGLY!
You’re butt ugly!
We are the mighty Spartans riding up your astroturf
People say you’re so ugly Godzilla gave you birth!


Thoughtful Thursday...

Ok people - Is it wrong that your daughter (The Celeb) is already totally into fashion at 9 and even before that? We may have a problem on our hands with this one! She walked into the dressing room at Old Navy, strapped on some trouser jeans and a really FAB shirt and looked at herself in the mirror and said "Stacy and Clinton would LOVE this outfit" as she's modeling in the 360! She was totally feeling the outfit! She scares me...but how can you not be proud of fashion sense ladies????

Oh and The Celeb walked out of the house today in purple leggings, black skirt, converse tennis shoes, flowered shirt and jean jacket AND a teased pony tail with flowered earrings and beloved sparkle bracelet - I swear she looked like she just walked off the set of a Madonna video! She's all about the 80's too...what's a Mom to do...I can't believe I didn't get a snapshot!!!! DAG!

I have a huge addiction to What Not to Wear and I will meet them someday! Maybe I'm thinking of nominating myself......or The Celeb just so I can touch them....hmmmm....thinking, thinking.........


Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Hello all! I really should be working but really NEEDED to work on some sort of thank you cards for Maeci's birthday gifts. What do you think?

Monday, August 18, 2008

I am worn out people!!!

Whew....I just need to take a deep breath and relax! I had 6..count them...1,2,3,4,5,6.....8 & 9 years olds over for my daughters 9th birthday! They wore me thin!!!!! Where does that piercing scream come from? Ugh! After the screaming, singing, yelling, jumping, rolling, skipping, stomping play time, we got out the NAIL POLISH AND REMOVER! Oh, what was I thinking....thankfully I had a teen girl there (son's girlfriend) to help out. She was in, I being the good Mom, stayed out of the way! Someone had to take pictures! Enjoy the photos!

Birthday girl


It's all about the nails...



Chloee's Finished Product!

Does anyone understand my stress with this?  : )

Jordyn (the teen) is in charge of nails!

Getting ready for the big moment....

This was a TAD stressful for me with 6 girls!

Peace Out

Peace out!