Sunday, August 31, 2008

This morning...

This is what we woke up to a couple of days ago. The Senior pranks have begun! Yay! I love them as long as it's good CLEAN fun and no ONE, no THING gets hurt! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

I woke The Teen up early and told him he needed a few extra minutes to get into his truck!

That's alot of Saran Wrap...I wonder if I can reuse it.........


  1. HA HA! That is FUUUUNNY!

    and I know I am so cheap that i would be RE-USING that SARAN long as it didn't look dirty!!!! asked me how you get tagged...well...someone on their blog will asnwer a series of questions, or even something else, and say TAG YOU'RE IT & list your name....and then you do that same thing & answer the same questions on YOUR blog. Then you TAG other people with blogs by listing their names on the bottom of your post saying NOW I TAG: MERRIANNE or whoever you choose. I have been tagged so many is pretty fun.

    Look out...i might TAG YOU next!!!

    ha ha!!!

  2. Too funny! I love pranks...mostly pranking someone else! Dr. Hubby would pass out if someone had done that to his precious baby! Sometimes I wonder who he loves or the Ford...LOL!

  3. HeHe! We never did senior pranks, but I am not opposed to a little clean fun!

  4. That is hilarious!!!!! I still have some time before I endure this with my son. My daughter lives out in the boonies so she won't have to worry about it for her. Plus I think her dad would freak out. Me, I would just laugh.


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