Sunday, November 30, 2008

What a wonderful weekend...

Friends....I am truly blessed to have such wonderful friends!

First of all I need to back up a little. Thanksgiving day was wonderful. We spent the day at my Dad's (aka Pop) with the family. Dinner was delicious. After dinner, we spent the evening going through the ads for all the bargains on Black Friday. Then we took a trip out to Walmart for a few items that night. It was a great day.

I stayed up until midnight getting ready for Black Friday. I had to get my "shopping purse" ready! Gotta be hands free! I then proceeded to put my ads in order. Finally, ready for bed. I felt like I had just laid down when I hear that dreaded sound...beep beep beep, which really sounded like a shrill scream at 1:45 AM! Ugh! But I had to get up, shower and leave my house by 2:45 AM. I did it and I was only 10 minutes late to meet my 3 crazy friends. This was our 12th year together. We shop and shop! I got home at 12:30 that night....21 hours of shopping!! It was great but I could sure feel my age. I'm sure we'll still be partaking in Black Friday when we are old and gray!

I slept in till 9:00 am on Saturday. I woke up and couldn't wait to get ready for the day! My girlfriend (Ang - Davisix Fix) from S. Carolina was in town! You all have no idea how I've missed her! We met a couple of years ago. We didn't click right away, I thought she was a snob and she thought I was a snob! And we both are so NOT snobby! After a couple of talks we hit it off! Been great friends ever since and then she moved away! I cried and cried! Anyway, she's here! So, we met at another friends house (Brandi - LarsenQuad) and had a great time! Plus another bloggy friend (Miranda-Traveling Treasures) also was invited to hang out! And my cousin (Marchelle - Chronicles of a Working Mom) came over to hang with us too! She took the pictures and they turned out great as usual! And she's my neighbor! How cool is that?!

What a wonderful way to spend the day....with friends! We had Thanksgiving dinner all over again and the kids played ( 11 of them) and we talked and laughed. 10 hours or so of laughing and talking! But it came time to say goodbye. And I cried....

Ang - We miss you all so much already! Love you!
Brandi - We had so much fun and thank you for having us over to hang out! I miss you too! : )
Miranda- It was awesome finally meeting you and your beautiful family! And how cool that we live 1 street away from each other! It's a small world!

Here we are all together... Angie, Keli, Brandi and Miranda.

I will post a few more photos later. I need to share them with the girls first!

I hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and a bargain filled Black Friday!

xoxo - Keli

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

I just wanted to take a minute to say THANK YOU! I am so thankful for all you that I have met through blogging! What an awesome way to meet new friends! And I believe God brought us all together!

I am thankful for Jesus, my Bible, my Church
I am thankful for the scriptures on others posts that have reminded me of how I should live
I am thankful for the stories that have made me laugh out loud
I am thankful for your sincere, heartfelt, funny comments
I am thankful for my home, family, my kids and for my husband
I am thankful for my job

I am thankful for my BFF's - new and old
I am thankful for Barnes & Noble and Target
I am thankful for M's wonderful smile
I am thankful for J's humor
I am thankful for Mr. Mom's strength and our marriage
I am thankful for Marchelle and her photography skills
I am thankful for my Dad - he's a rock!
I am thankful for my Sister

I know there are many more that I could list but I'm keeping it simple today.

Oh, there's one more - I am thankful for the internet! If we didn't have it, we would have never met!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you! Enjoy your time with your families! Make sure you hug them and tell them you love them!!!


1 Thessalonians 5: 16-18 – "Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus."

Monday, November 24, 2008

I've missed you!

I can't believe how much I miss all of you when I'm away! I love all of my cyberspace friendships that I've made! But I can't keep up!

I work an hour from home, I have a 17 and 9 year old, a cat and a husband. They are getting in the way of my relationship with my laptop! LOL!

I really believe they (husband) have been feeling neglected since I have joined blog land. I'm constantly trying to figure out what to write about next, which pictures to post and so on. So..I decided to not post anything for a couple of days but I did sneak in a few comments on a few blogs. (shhhh don't tell Mr. Mom)

But...I'm back!!! I really don't have much to post at the moment though. And I really didn't have the energy to come up with my "Not Me's"....except for maybe one...I did not go to Walmart and help my husband pick out his underwear and he did not say that he wanted string bikini's and I did not actually think, huh?...maybe.....

Let's see, here's a little bit of what I did over the weekend. I went out with Solo Nicole friday night...we had pizza, I snuggled with baby Nola (she smelled so good!), smooched on Gabs, talked to Mom and her hubs Bryan and then we headed to see a movie. We had a great time!

M had a basketball game on Saturday morning. Then we headed to a "welcome home" party for my cousin's hubby. He just got home from Iraq about a week ago. He had been gone for almost a year! Thank you Ryan for serving your country! We appreciate your bravery so very much! Then off to run an errand on the other side of town. I was so tired!

Then Mr. Mom and I had a date! We got a bite to eat and headed to...yep, you guessed it..Walmart! Why? I truly despise Walmart. But it's a great place for socks and boxers! Those are his words not mine. Sigh....what's a girl to do when she has a very low maintenance kind of guy. So, he picked his socks and thongs.......hee hee just jokin'!! And guess what? I had to go back to the dreaded Walmart after church on Sunday to exchange the socks!!! Then we had dinner at Pops - roast, potatoes, carrots and rolls! YUMMO! Thanks Pop!!! AND he bought me new ketchup for my roast! Another big YUMMO!!!

That's about it. I'll leave you with a few photos (Blackberry quality). This is what happens when you live with 2 boys..yep BOYS! Mr. Mom acts like a 17 year old!

J said something smart to Mr. Mom who in turn said something back. Then J says "Scuze me? Do you want a piece of me? Do you want it now or later?" Mr. Mom says "Now's great, bring it!" And this is what happens....




They truly wear me out! I yell, "Please stop before somebody gets hurt!"...blah blah blah, but I secretly love it!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!


Thursday, November 20, 2008

Crazy Eights!!

I've been tagged by Kaci!!! She is a wonderful friend and has a great blog! Go check her out!

8 TV shows I love to watch
1. Clean Sweep - I'm all about cleaning up a Hot Mess!
2. Hannah Montana - I can't help it.
3. American Idol
4. Cold Case
5. Jon & Kate Plus 8
6. The Price is Right
7. Witches of Waverly Place
8. Forensic Files

8 Places I love to eat
1. My Sisters
2. PF Changs
3. Japanese Steakhouse
4. Taco Bell
5. O'Charleys
6. On the Border
7. Seafood places
8. My Dads

8 Things that happened yesterday
1. I answered way to many silly questions on the phone
2. I had a killer headache
3. I waited to long to get up to go the bathroom and almost didn't make it!
4. Talked to my Dad
5. Forgot to order the pizza for a big meeting
6. Stayed up to late last night
7. Finally read some more of a book I'm trying to finish!
8. Stopped at Target on the way and got out of there only spending $8!!!

8 Things I look forward to
1. Seeing my Mom again someday
2. Black Friday
3. Having a break from basketball
4. Spending the evening with my friend Nicole tomorrow night
5. Having a housekeeper someday!
6. Moving to a warmer climate sooner rather than later!
7. Thanksgiving dinner
8. Spending time with friends over the Thanksgiving holiday! Ang is visiting!

8 Things I love about Fall
1. The colors
2. The smells
3. The leaves
4. It means it's closer to turkey day
5. I get to mail Christmas cards
6. Fall brings fun outdoor activities
7. Hooded sweatshirts
8. Turtlenecks!

8 Things on my wish list
1. Safe holidays
2. Would love to work closer to home
3. Everyone staying healthy and happy
4. Spring Break vacation
5. Cheesy I know but world peace would be great
6. Being skinnier and toned up!
7. Being debt free
8. Move to a warmer state

8 People I tag...Not sure who likes to be tagged and who doesn't but here goes! Feel free to play along but if you don't, I'll still like you and talk to you....LOL!
1. Ang
2. Ashley
3. Leah
4. Mimi
5. Brandi
6. Edie
7. Becky
8. Tracey

Have fun!!! xo Keli

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Word Filled Wednesday

1948 - 2006

I decided to do Word Filled Wednesday today. The holidays are approaching so fast and I'm really missing my Mom. So, I decided to share her with my best BFF's!

Mom (Sandy), was a beautiful woman, inside and out. She loved getting dressed up and being dressed up. She was always dressed to the nines! And she always look absolutely stunning! She loved her jewels and makeup too! Not in a "Jan Crouch" sorta way but she did love her some jewels!

She was so passionate in her love for the Lord. Always quick to remind that God was and is watching every step of the way! And there were a few times, in my teens, that I definitely needed that reminder! Thank God for Mom!

Mom was funny! Down right hilarious! She had to be on her toes with humor if she was going to stay married to my Dad. Who by far is one of the funniest people I know! Mom used to call me at night and we would watch one of our favorite sitcoms over the phone. I sooo miss that! She was on a camping trip with friends, a very very long time ago, and a lightening bug flew into the trash can and she thought that it might cause a Mom...the blonde (only it wasn't her natural color)...I think it just soaked in. No offense to the blondes out there! : )

Mom had the most beautiful handwriting. People even had her address envelopes for them for invitations. To this day, it is still hard to see it. I have recipes that are written by her, I have cards and pictures that have her handwriting on them. But I cherish all of them.

Mom had an amazingly beautiful voice. She could sing! Oh my word, could she sing. My parents were in a gospel group, back in the day, (don't laugh) they were called The Country Gospel Singers. Original huh? My sister and I even sang a tune with them a time or two when we were little. And if I could sing, I would still be up there! My Mom sang for several churches with another couple for years. Beautiful music!

Mom could play the piano and the organ by ear. To me, this is an amazing talent! She could listen to any song and sit down and pick out the notes and play it! We loved to listen to her play. A couple of years ago, I remember a night when we were at my parents house and she played the piano and we (Dad, sister, BIL and me) sang together. I wish we could do that just one more time!

My Mom could cook. Chicken and Noodles was my favorite! And there's a list of others! Now my sister cooks for us! Thanks Shel!

My Mom loved reading, movies, hanging with her Grand kids and loved spending time with family.

My Mom and Dad had the most romantic relationship! Of course, my Dad spoiled her rotten! We used to tease them about that! They were the perfect example of LOVE and had a wonderful marriage.

Mom was a great Mom! I learned so much from her and I am so thankful to God for her. There's so much more that I could share with you but I hope you can see in what I have typed just how beautiful she was and how much I miss her. All of us miss her.

I wouldn't ask God for her back though, she's having the time of her life and I'm so happy for her! Actually, I'm envious! We'll all see each other again someday!

Thank you, my sweet friends, for letting me tell you about her!! By the way...she would sooo love this whole blogging thing!

xo Keli

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Passin' the Love!

My girl, Heidi, made this beautiful button and wanted us to take it and pass it on!!! So that's what I'm doin'!!! Isn't it pretty?! Reminds me of Heidi herself, pretty!!! She has an awesome blog!!! Thanks Heidi!

Now, ladies, take this button and add it to your site, blog about it and pass it on! xoxo Keli

Monday, November 17, 2008

While I'm Waiting..

I listen to alot of contemporary Christian music and I heard this song for the first time a couple of weeks ago. It's from the movie Fireproof.
My walk with Christ is a continuous journey. This song spoke to me today like it never has before.
Learning to be patient and to WAIT has never been a strong point for me. Does anyone else struggle with this? I want everything NOW - instant gratification should be tattooed to my forehead!
It's not easy but I'm working on it everyday and I will worship and serve the Lord every step of the way! And the blessing is that if I screw up and believe me, I screw up, all I have to do is ask forgiveness and I'm forgiven! Isn't that awesome???
Here's the lyrics. I'm sure most of you have heard it but I wanted to share. The link to the video is also attached.
Watch Video:
I'm waiting I'm waiting on You, Lord
And I am hopeful
I'm waiting on You, Lord
Though it is painful
But patiently,
I will wait I will move ahead,
bold and confident
Taking every step in obedience
While I'm waiting I will serve You
While I'm waiting I will worship
While I'm waiting
I will not faint I'll be running the race
Even while I wait I'm waiting
I'm waiting on You, Lord
And I am peaceful
I'm waiting on You, Lord
Though it's not easy
But faithfully, I will wait
Yes, I will wait
I will serve You while I'm waiting
I will worship while I'm waiting
I will serve You while I'm waiting
I will worship while I'm waiting
I will serve you while I'm waiting
I will worship while I'm waiting on You, Lord
And you know what else is awesome - while I'm waiting, I have all you wonderful new/old friends to talk to! You all are such an inspiration to me. It's so wonderful to hop from blog to blog and read scripture, listen to uplifting songs, hear inspirational stories, etc. You all are such a blessing.
xo Keli

I'm a finalist!!!

I need your help!!! I submitted a photo in the Prego "Fun with Food" contest on the "5 Minutes for Mom" website. And OMGosh, Jennifer from "My Life with 4 Kids" emailed and told me I was a finalist!!! Yipeeeeee! And she posted it on her blog to help me out! Thank you Jennifer! Oh and so did LA from "Ahh..these are the days of our lives" and I love you both for doing this!! You girls are the best!!!

So...I need YOU! Will you please vote for me?? I will owe you all big time! Do I need to beg, cuz I ain't to proud too beg!

I love you all, my beautiful BFF's!!!!!!!

Did that help????

You can click on this link (5 Minutes for Mom) or look to the right at the top corner of my page and you will see another link!

Thanks so much!!!!! I really do love you all even if I don't win!

Not Me Monday

I can not believe it's the start of a new week already. Here goes another list of confessions...

#1 I did not eat 2 spoonfuls of Marshmallow Creme right out of the's way way to sweet!

#2 I did NOT feed my girlfriends daughter McDonald's twice this weekend! That would be so unhealthy and lazy of me! And I also did not let her run around the house all afternoon in her pull-ups!

#3 I did not lay on the family room floor, cozied up by the fire with the girls and watch Winn Dixie on Saturday afternoon! And I did not enjoy it! I have so much housework to do!

#3 I also did not SHUSH the girls while watching it! I was really enjoying it and I couldn't hear and it was at a really good part! It is now on my top 10 movie list!

#4 I did not SHUSH the teens in the front row at the theater during Madagascar! I would never do that! How RUDE! And I did not laugh right out loud at King Julian!

#5 I did not post my pregnant friends belly without her permission..Now that would be rude!

#6 I do not and did not move around ridiculously in my car dancing all the way home...It's a long way home and it was a really good station! (plus I realllllyyyyy had to go tinkle)

#7 I did not not pull up to the pump at the gas station on the wrong side! It was not sooo embarrassing!

#8 I did not sit in MY chair last night eating a HUGE bowl of chocolate ice cream with M cuddled up beside me eating her own HUGE bowl of chocolate ice cream while the fire warmed us up. And it most definitely was NOT her bedtime!

#9 I did not carry my Dust Buster in the car with me today along with Armor All wipes thinking I was going to clean my car on my lunch hour..why would I think I would do that!? HA!

#10 I did not sit here for a 1/2 hour trying to think of another Not Me just so I could have a list of 10!!! Ridiculous!!!

Now it's time to head over to MckMama's blog and read all the other Not Me's!

Have a great Monday!!! xoxo Keli

Sunday, November 16, 2008

I'm not sleeping well..

LOL! Just like I said in my post before this one! I'm getting kicked and shoved right out of my own bed! How old are you when you stop thrashing around in bed?? Good grief! These girls both sleep sideways and I truly believe they will be upside down before long!

I'm still up blogging. I've felt so so bad that I haven't left any love on your blogs for a few days so I stayed up late last night and tonight to try to catch up a little! I've left a bunch of you some love! I'll try to do more tomorrow!

It's been a very busy but enjoyable Saturday. I'm babysitting for my girlfriend, we had basketball this morning, we had my dad over for dinner and then we all went to see Madagascar. of the girls is rolling this way..hold I have a foot in my rib and OH...a swift kick to the hip! Now she's completely rolled over and I have knee on my elbow which makes it difficult to type at the moment. Hold please.....................................OUCH, M just kicked me!

I'm closing down but I'm going to leave you with this....It makes me so happy that my girlfriend is comfortable leaving her girl in my hands. Thanks Nicole for trusting us! (I won't tell you that we fed her McDonald's twice, or what Pop taught her, or that she ran around in her pullups all afternoon....) And she's left her in our hands more than once! hee hee

We love her like our own and she is truly a blessing. So, despite the fact that she's kicking me, flinging her arms and smacking those cute little lips in her sleep..I love her with all my heart. And how could you possibly not..look at her....


Good night all....Sweet dreams...pray that I'm not all battered and bruised tomorrow....

xo Keli

Friday, November 14, 2008

An Award, Visit with Nola, G spends the night

I was given an award and it's so cool...HOT!!! Check it out! I've never seen this award until now! I love it! I'll take anything telling me I'm hot!!! So..thank you Stacey, you are the best!!! If you haven't looked at her blog, go check it out! Its GREAT!

Now, I know I say this alot but it really is hard to give these away to just a few people! Please share this HOT award with me and add it to your sight! You are all hot mommas! hahahaha!

I had the pleasure of visiting baby Nola tonight. My friend Pregalicious looks great and sweet niblets, that new little girl is adorable!!! I didn't get any new pictures. She hasn't changed much for the photo on my last post! : ) She was in the nursery when I got there so no loving, touching or squeezing! Do you realize how hard that was...not to be able to scoop her up and hold her!? I'll be patient..not one of my best qualities...

And I brought Gabby home with me!! She will mostly likely be spending the weekend with me or until Nana makes it in. I'm as excited to see Nana as she is! Now do NOT take that statement wrong! heeh hee Not cuz I don't want to keep Gabby but because I love Nana too! She's the best!

Here's the girls in bed, with me of course. We love cozy girlie slumber parties. Now, how many times do you think I'll be kicked in the middle of the night....



Lova ya!

Nola Simone has entered the world....NEW PICTURE ADDED!

I was given permission from my girlfriend, Pregalicious, to post these beautiful pictures of her new baby girl!

Isn't she just precious??!!

Nola Simone was born this morning and weighs 8lbs 13oz's!

She's doing fantastic and so is mom!!!

Congratulations Bryan and Nicole - God has truly blessed you with another beautiful little girl!! Love you all!!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Take a deep breath....

Breathe....I'm so so tired. I just got home from helping Mr. Mom detail a car for his brother who is out of town. Mr. Mom is helping him out so in turn I was recruited to help. Which I don't really mind, it just meant spending time together. So we cranked up some classic rock ("I saw her today at the reception"....any of you remember that one, or am I showing my age?) and got started! It took about 2 hours. Not to bad but glad to be home. I'm considering it my workout for today! I know some of you are saying "that's not enough" but in my book, today it is....LOL! Oh, and Mr. Mom said he would even give me part of his pay. Um...did he think I was helping for free??? tee hee

I also want to thank you all for commenting on Moo's blog! I can't even begin to describe the smile on her face when she saw on the comment love! She loved it! We will be coming up with something soon for her to blog about. I told her she needed to put some thought into it. Stay tuned.... You ladies are the best! xoxoxoxo

Now, I promised y'all some recipes! Here you go:

Loaded Potato Soup

8 medium-sized potatoes
2 cans of Campbell's Cheddar Cheese Soup
1 can Campbell's Cream of Potato Soup
10 oz. heavy whipping cream
20 oz. milk
3 tsp. butter/margarine
4 oz. (1/2 package) of shredded cheddar cheese
2 slices of Velveeta cheese
Bacon bits to taste (1/4-1/2 cup or so)
1/2 tsp. chili powder
Salt & pepper to taste

Peel, chop, and boil potatoes until soft. Mash 1/3 of potatoes, set aside. Mix soup, cream, milk, butter, chili powder and Velveeta slices in large pot, heat on medium heat until hot. Whisk mashed potatoes into soup. Stir in remaining potatoes, cheese and bacon bits. Let cook at least 10 minutes on medium heat, stirring occasionally. Serve.

Cheddar Bay Biscuits (like Red Lobster)

2 cups of Bisquick baking mix
2/3 cup milk
1/2 cup shredded mild cheddar cheese
1/4 cup butter or margarine - melted
1/4 tsp. garlic powder
Parsley flakes - as needed

*Combine Bisquick, milk and cheddar cheese. Beat with a fork
*Spoon onto a lightly greased cookie sheet
*Bake in 450 degree oven for 8-10 minutes
*Combine butter, garlic and parsley flakes and pour over hot biscuits after pulling out of oven

In case you forgot what it looked like, here's the picture again!! ENJOY!

Now, I'm going to catch up on a few blogs and then off to bed! Good night! xo

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Moo has her own blog....

and it's all Angie's fault!! LOL! I knew it was coming! Every time she hung over my shoulder to read others with me. Everytime she hung over my shoulder to read mine. I just knew it was only a matter of time....

MooMoo's Mumblings

So, thank you Angie for agreeing to let your children have a blog! I need one more thing to do! No, really thanks!

It's going to be fun and it will be great for the kids to keep tabs on each others lives! Moo really misses all of them so much! And it's great typing practice!!! And that's a good thing, right???

Love - Keli

Look what I got....

It is so so nice to get awards from such wonderful ladies! I received these two awards from my new friend... Check out her blog - it's fabulous! Thank you!!!

Now, this lovely feminine little butterfuly award is from my friend Scrappy! She too has a fabulous blog!!!
Thank you again for my awards!!!! It's hard for me to pass them on to a select few. So, please, all you ladies that are reading this, right click on them, save the image and paste them right onto your blogs!!! I think you all are great! I love making new friends and what a great way to stay in touch with old ones!

Love ya ~ Keli

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Look what I made!

Some of you may already know this but I do NOT, I DESPISE, UGH, NOT like to cook! I truly do not have one domestic bone in me! BUT I will do it if someone requests something. Especially, when J or M ask for something special. Like homemade Loaded Baked Potato Soup and made from scratch Cheddar Bay Biscuits! YUMMO!!!!!!!!

Now, I made this tonight. I hurried home (it takes me right about an hour). I had to stop at the store because I forgot the green onions...can't have loaded soup without the onions! Mr. Mom calls and says "can you get some light bulbs"... anything else??? Ugh. I get home and my feet are killing me! I don't have time to change out of my work clothes because it's now 7:00. I will give Mr. Mom some love because he had the potatoes cooked for me and that's a big job! The peeling is a killer!

I get the ingredients for the soup out and get everything in the pot. Throw together the stuff for the biscuits and get them in oven. Then I find out that M will not be home till 8:30 and the sitter fed her...Mr. Mom goes up to wake J, he's sleeping because he's a really he had a headache. Stress from school, no less! Life is rough! Anyway...he's not coming down to eat either! Oh well, it just meant that me and Mr. Mom had dinner all alone, which doesn't happen very often!

Soups on!!! I have leftovers!!! Dinner tomorrow night ladies???? xo - Keli


Remember the song, "I like Dreamin'"...

I love that song but it really has no significance to this post. I do know all the words but I won't bore you with that.....It just popped into my head because I had the weirdest dream last night! I have issues with rambling...
I met up with a high school girlfriend who I haven't seen in years! (but in real life Mr. Mom saw her last Friday night when he took M out..hmmm)

So...the girlfriend and I head out, not sure where, but I just remember we talked for awhile. Not even sure what's like I just skipped over parts in the dream.

We were in her car so she took me back to where mine was parked. Handed me two cigarettes...WHAT?

(since it's all about honesty in the blog world, I'm not afraid to say, I used to smoke alot...I hope I don't lose any friends with that comment)

I got out of her car and started to walk towards mine. She waited.

I'm digging through my purse and I'm sure it was a HUGE one, cuz that's they way I like em....I could NOT find my cell phone!

So, I'm digging and digging and all of sudden, shots are fired out of the blue! There's cops everywhere and they tell me to get down!

So, I get down....noooo, I didn't start dancing...I wanted to but it was to dangerous! My girlfriend runs over and this guy shows up to take cover with us. Where did he come from?

I say to my friend, he looks like someone we used to know in our cruising the streets days...hmmmm....
I still have not found my cell! My purse falls over, stuff flys everywhere, change (cuz that's all I've got) is falling all over the place, the guy dives for it...I look up at him and my alarm goes off!

OMGosh....what???? I have to know what happens! Dreams freak me out!!! Do they freak you out? Do you wonder, like I do, why????

Did anyone else have a weird dream last night? Was there a full moon?

xo- Keli

Monday, November 10, 2008

Not Me Monday...

Another week has gone by and it's time again to let out all the things we did NOT do. Here goes..

1. I did not color my hair at 11:30 last night, rinse, wash and still have color all over my scalp!

2. I did not stay in my jammies all day yesterday until I HAD to get ready for a weenie roast!

3. I did not get up on Saturday at 9:00 to clean only to sit down and check for comments.

4. I also did not sit there for 2 hours checking and commenting on others blogs!

5. I did not periodically check others blogs during my intense cleaning day!

6. It did not take me 2 hours to do two menial tasks cuz I could not stay away from the computer!

7 . I also did not come home today from the basketball tournament to sit down and relax and I'll be dad gummed if this laptop did NOT jump into my lap! It's alive people!!! I truly need a Bloggers Anonymous class!

Don't forget to stop by MckMama's blog and see everyone's Not Me's!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Date Night!

As promised, here are a few pictures of Mr. Mom and M as they were heading out for their big night. Maeci was all smiles and Mr. Mom cleaned up right nice!

(Photos courtesy of Marchelle Mosley Photography)






They had a wonderful time. They got their tummy's full and M came home with a new baby doll. She had her own money burning a hole in her pocket, but I think Dad might've thrown in a couple of dollars. : )

These pictures warm my heart!

Nothing really to talk about...

Good morning all! Hope everyone is having a great Saturday so far! It's cold here...brrrrrr! The temp is only going to be about 42 today! Bring out the hooded sweatshirts! Woo hoo! Just got the new school spirit wear so I'll will be proudly respresenting The Warriors today!

M is laying on the floor in her jammies still this morning. I told her we could have a jammie day! She was all smiles! She's watching Nims Island and I'm getting ready to head upstairs to start cleaning.'s been a long time coming! I need to mop, sweep, dust, clean bathrooms, laundry...I know you all understand. And I think I'm procrastinating because I'm still blogging and I said I was only going to spend a few minutes online!

Mr. Mom is working today. He's been so busy with painting jobs these days. I haven't seen much of him. He left at 7:30 am this morning and is working all day today. But how cool is this - he took M on a "date" last night all by himself! It just warmed my heart to see them getting ready to go! M was beside herself to be spending the time with Daddy all alone. Of course, as usual, I got all teared up. Not sure whats wrong with me these days and the emotions. Must be the holidays approaching FAST! I will post pictures soon of their night out. Mr. Mom took her to Texas Roadhouse and then to Target, which cracked me up! He's a good Dad!

We are going to my sisters house tonight for a bonfire to freeze our hiney's off! But that's the idea, isn't it? I do love bonfire's and hanging out with the fam. Anyone want to join us??? I would love for you to come! And M's basketball tournament is I will be gone all day. Sigh.....there's just not enough hours in the there?!

Well, I need to close down this computer and get busy. I don't want Mr. Mom to walk in from working to see me doing NOTHING! hee hee

I'll leave you with these cute pictures that I took this week. Enjoy and have a wonderful weekend!!!

Actually I'll leave you with this....M is always making silly faces and acting up! I'm not sure where she gets it!


xoxoxo -Keli

Jesus replied: "Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind."
Matthew 22:37 (Read all of Matthew 22)

Friday, November 7, 2008

Game Time

Can you guess what this is?

Friday Funny...

M is memorizing this poem for school.


And this is what she's enough to give you nightmares...please do not be afraid.....


Thursday, November 6, 2008

An award for Me???

I received a very cool award!!! Thanks Momma_Hug!!! For those of you who have never stalked her, please hop over there and add your name to her list. She has great stories of her and her family traveling with the hubs!

Here are the rules.....

Post the award on my blog.

Link back to the sweet person that gave it to me

Link back to the originating post

Pass it on to 5 more deserving people

Marchelle - Because she's my cousin, neighbor, friend and the best photographer! And I do know how much she loves awards!

Edie - I love her blog. She has a beautiful family! Her blog makes me laugh and she is an inspiration!

Aimee - I'm a new stalker of her blog..From what I've seen it's great! Check it out!

Jill - A wonderful mom to a beautiful daughter....Lucy! She is a doll!

Nicole - Great blog and beautiful daughter! Always a fun picture!

Post the rules for the recipients

This is sooooo sooooo sooooo hard for me! All of my BFF Bloggy Friends are so deserving of this award! I really do love you all! So...I'm going to post 5 but please know, this was a very painful process.

Thanks again!!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Photo Contest!

I'm trying to catch up on showin' some love to all my bloggy buddies! I was on Lori's blog and she had a cute photo posted which she had entered into a photo contest sponsored by 5 Minutes for Mom.

So...I decided to post a photo of M!

Now, the contest is all about food and you or I could win $500 in groceries! How cool would that be?! So hop over here (5 Minutes for Mom) and check it out!

Cool Color Combo

Ok...I am a DOOOOOFUS! I had to look 3 times to make sure I didn't need to be PREGO to enter the contest! For pete's sake, PREGO...spaghetti sauce....I can't even believe I just told y'all nice.

Good luck friends!!!

Halloween Pictures...FINALLY!

While walking around Halloween night, and oh what a BOOtiful night it was, I took pictures. I snapped shots of funny costumes in the neighborhood. Thought you might enjoy!

This is Salt...You can't have Salt without Pepper! So, I asked her where Pepper was and she said "Home asleep on the couch!" Cracked us up!


No words for this one really, other than, it kinda freaked me out...


I'm sure alot of you know who this rockin' 80's girl is...


Oh, we're off to see the Wizard, The wonderful Wizard of Oz, We'll find he is a whiz of a Wiz, If ever a Wiz there was.......


This is The Girl and she was the cutest kitty cat ever!


And this lady here was just plain spooky!


This lady freaked us all out! We didn't know it was real until she started talking! You can't tell but it was pitch black dark!


This was my favorite costume of the entire night! I thought I had stepped back in time!


Peace out people!!!


No words needed...the photo says it all....

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


My Pops my Dad invites us over for roast, potatoes, carrots and all the extras. I remember Mom fixing this on Sundays for our "after church" lunch..yummo! Now, Dad takes care of us! He's the best! This is one of my favorite meals!

Now, here comes the weird part...I love ketchup with my roast! How many are grossing out right now??? I know...Gag me with a spoon and all that, right? But, it's really good! Try it!

So...I say to Dad..."Dad, do you have any ketchup?" How could he possibly forget that I like ketchup on my roast! So, he gets up (cuz I'm his favorite girl..Sister, do not say a word!) and proceeds to go to his pantry. This is what he pulls out....


Ok...when he brought this ketchup out..the color made me gasp in horror...I said "Are you sure that's not barbecue sauce?" It was soooooo dark brown! Dad is looking over the bottle for an expiration date. Take a gander at this!


Can you see the date???? That there lid says 09/2005! That's September 2005! OMGosh Dad, what are trying to do to me???? Seriously!!

My roast did not EVEN taste the same!

But I do want to say this - My Dad is the best! My Mom passed away a little over 2 years ago and he has been a trooper! Don't get me wrong, he misses her like crazy! He met her when she was 12!!! It's been tough and it's still tough but he has Faith and he knows that he will see her again someday! Thank God for that, huh?

My point? He still fixes us Sunday dinners like Mom did...Thanks Dad! I love you - We all love you!!!