Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Remember the song, "I like Dreamin'"...

I love that song but it really has no significance to this post. I do know all the words but I won't bore you with that.....It just popped into my head because I had the weirdest dream last night! I have issues with rambling...
I met up with a high school girlfriend who I haven't seen in years! (but in real life Mr. Mom saw her last Friday night when he took M out..hmmm)

So...the girlfriend and I head out, not sure where, but I just remember we talked for awhile. Not even sure what about...it's like I just skipped over parts in the dream.

We were in her car so she took me back to where mine was parked. Handed me two cigarettes...WHAT?

(since it's all about honesty in the blog world, I'm not afraid to say, I used to smoke alot...I hope I don't lose any friends with that comment)

I got out of her car and started to walk towards mine. She waited.

I'm digging through my purse and I'm sure it was a HUGE one, cuz that's they way I like em....I could NOT find my cell phone!

So, I'm digging and digging and all of sudden, shots are fired out of the blue! There's cops everywhere and they tell me to get down!

So, I get down....noooo, I didn't start dancing...I wanted to but it was to dangerous! My girlfriend runs over and this guy shows up to take cover with us. Where did he come from?

I say to my friend, he looks like someone we used to know in our cruising the streets days...hmmmm....
I still have not found my cell! My purse falls over, stuff flys everywhere, change (cuz that's all I've got) is falling all over the place, the guy dives for it...I look up at him and my alarm goes off!

OMGosh....what???? I have to know what happens! Dreams freak me out!!! Do they freak you out? Do you wonder, like I do, why????

Did anyone else have a weird dream last night? Was there a full moon?

xo- Keli


  1. First of all....the new header made me fight back tears. Love. It.


    I had NyQuil last night...I suggest tonight you do the same.

  2. Last night I fell asleep watching Get Smart...I was dreaming I was in an airplane and we were taking off and I was waiting to feel that little "lift off" feeling when the wheels leave the ground but the plane kept stalling....then I woke up.

  3. What did you have for dinner last night?! I don't remember my dreams very oftern, but the other night I dreamt about blogging, imagine that?!

    Love the new header, so sweet

  4. Dreams are either weird or scary for me.

    I didn't dream last night but the night before I had a dream that had my ex in it. Nothing interesting just everyday stuff. I woke up thinking "that's weird, why would I dream about him"?

    Happy Tuesday my Bloggy Friend!

  5. Hey Kel, I think this is my first comment on your blog!! After I read this I had to tell you that I had the most bizarre dream last night......I entered a marathon! And if you knew me......that is not going to happen! The marathon was more like a obstacle course that you had different stations to go thru.....the first station took me 2 hrs!!!! The girl that won it did 10 stations in 7 mins?? and she was a girl that Marsha knows that we used to work with - BK Large!! I KNOW WEIRD! I think I woke up po'd and out of breathe! Well that's all......I have weird dreams a lot! Nice chatting with you Keli!!!! PS - LOVE the song "I like dreamin"! It will be playing in my head all daylong = thanks! Peace out, Theresa a/k/a "T"

  6. What a weird dream! I'll have dreams like crazy if I take Melatonin. I take Ambien for sweet sleep with hot-flash relief!

    Oh, I remember that song very well!

  7. Very weird! And it drives me crazy when the alarm cuts it off. That leaves you wondering all day what was going on and what the end was? It also makes you think deeper and try to figure out the dream. Well, that's what I do when I have dreams like that. Pretty crazy.
    As far as the smoking, I am very proud to announce that today is my Hubby's 5 year anniversary since he had his last cigarette. I am very proud of him. So you didn't lose me with that. We all have stuff in our past that we aren't proud of. But you can be proud that you gave it up. Way to go! I'm proud of you too!

  8. I dreamed my daughter did NOT crawl in my bed. Too bad it was only a dream and not reality.

  9. I'm with Ang, nighttime pills, can't remember a thing.. And, I realllllly need to know if you found your cell and also if you were the one the PO-lice were after?.... Your getting very sleepy, your eyes are so heavy that your having trouble reading this... Your pioow is so fluffy and nice.....eahhhh??? ;) LA

  10. That was a wierd one... Not sure if I mentioned this, love the new header, oh I think maybe I did. See I can't even remember my awake time. Can't tell you the last dream I remember.

  11. I confess I was sort skimming instead of really reading and then I got totally freaked out because I missed the part about it being a DREAM!!! Even with the title and the picture I missed the dream part. Good grief!

  12. I have VIVID Dreams and pretty much remember every one of them. Last night was a pretty strange one which involved my hubby and some friends of ours and we were running from something but never knew what we were running from.
    Love the new header too, I'm just going to say it again....
    "GOOD GRAVY you have a beautiful family!" :)

  13. Hi there, I found you through Davissix and I read the post about coffee. Can you tell me what's the difference about your chai drink without H2O? I'm not very coffee savvy. Thanks and Take care. Beautiful blog.

  14. I LOVE the new look. That picture is just gorgeous! That was a strange one. I have weird dreams also, but of course cannot remember any. My husband said he had a weird one the other night too. Full Moon? MAYBE:)

  15. Full moon is comin' up in 2 days I think Keli.....and my recurring nightmare is that all my teeth fall out. Maybe I should seek help. Or a dentist.

  16. Ok, I've got it figured out.

    Too much McDonald's sweet tea (new addiction) brought out nightmares/convictions of past addiction (smoking). And your subconscious is telling you that your husband is having an affair with your old friend since he "ran into" her Friday night. So when she invited you out you figured that would be a good time "for a talk". Her husband (the unknown man), is also suspicious that his spouse is cheating and he decides to follow her.

    As you were digging through your bag for your phone (yeah right, your gun) the police show up. Turns out her husband is a drug lord with a prostitution ring and the cops have been following him for months. Seeing you there with them makes you a suspect as well.

    Bullets begin flying and you duck down not because you're afraid but because you just colored your hair Sunday night and you don't want it messed up and all.

    Kel, this all boils down to asking God to release you from your sweet tea addiction. I know these things.

    But for now can you please go back to sleep so we can find out if Jay bails you out of jail or if you have to do 20 to life and take up smoking again. You know cigarettes are bargaining tools in the slammer. Because I love you I'll send money for your account.

    Should I tell Dad you're smoking again? When are visitation hours? Can kids come? Wow, did I take this dream too far?

  17. I don't even remember having a dream last night. I've been sooo tired with all of the funeral arrangements I've been helping out with that when my head hit the sack last night, that's ALL I remember. Although I must've been dreaming about Hobbits because my husband came to bed and asked me a question and I said "It's in hobbitville"! How funny is that! And, no, I would NEVER think anything less of you cuz you smoked at one time! Heck, if I told you I swear when I'm mad, would that make you like me less? I hope not.

  18. i had a tooth that needed to be fixed, and for years i'd dream that my teeth would crumble out of my mouth, i had me tooth fixed and no more dream... maybe you need a cigaret????

  19. Gosh my dreams are always about work...gag! :)

  20. Gees nothing like a cliff hanger!

    I have CRAZY weird dreams when I take Benadryl, which, unfortunately due to my being allergic to just about everything, happens pretty often.

    And one more thing...pretty brave of you to tell us about your dreams on your blog! Mine are so whacked out I'd probably lose all my readers! Maybe one day I'll tell...

  21. I don't remember mine. I slept too hard. p.s. i used to smoke too. ugh, i can't believe i ever did that :(


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