Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Halloween Pictures...FINALLY!

While walking around Halloween night, and oh what a BOOtiful night it was, I took pictures. I snapped shots of funny costumes in the neighborhood. Thought you might enjoy!

This is Salt...You can't have Salt without Pepper! So, I asked her where Pepper was and she said "Home asleep on the couch!" Cracked us up!


No words for this one really, other than, it kinda freaked me out...


I'm sure alot of you know who this rockin' 80's girl is...


Oh, we're off to see the Wizard, The wonderful Wizard of Oz, We'll find he is a whiz of a Wiz, If ever a Wiz there was.......


This is The Girl and she was the cutest kitty cat ever!


And this lady here was just plain spooky!


This lady freaked us all out! We didn't know it was real until she started talking! You can't tell but it was pitch black dark!


This was my favorite costume of the entire night! I thought I had stepped back in time!


Peace out people!!!



  1. Wow that witch was freaky! Great Pictures!

  2. Very cool pictures! Wish I had taken more pictures while we were out. I will have to remember for next year!

  3. omgosh.......mike freaked me out in that wizard thing. i have this weird fear of wizards, trolls (garden gnomes even) and when i saw him down at his house i was like "oh! keep him away!" then he comes down and without thinking i came outside when mr. clean said "marchelle someone's here to see you!" i was like "NO!!! get away!" but he hugged me! EEEEK!!!!

    i should have gone with you could have taken care of the girl! =/

  4. oh yeah lovin' it! I love the hippie people! where did she find that shirt and scarf! I NEED THAT!~

  5. Tell me who exactly you were supposed to be. I have someone in mind but I don't want to say yet...

  6. Great idea, love it. Great photos...

  7. Love the 80's girl.!!!!!!

    The salt girl was a great costume. Looks like you all had a great time.

  8. Fun pictures! That pumpkin face woman would have scared the hell out of me!

  9. Great pics, Kel! Who are the hippies? She looks familiar. And it's hard to believe that that 80s chic birthed that adorable kitty. ;) Love ya, Marchelle!

    BTW, the new header is beautiful!

  10. Your new header is beautiful! Wonderful pictures! I recognize the salt, it's great to see friends from home. We so missed our neighborhood this year for Halloween. Thank you so much for sharing! There were a lot of great and creepy costumes! The little Kitty is adorable!

  11. i love halloween! and can't wait to come out to your hood tomorrow!


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