Saturday, November 8, 2008

Nothing really to talk about...

Good morning all! Hope everyone is having a great Saturday so far! It's cold here...brrrrrr! The temp is only going to be about 42 today! Bring out the hooded sweatshirts! Woo hoo! Just got the new school spirit wear so I'll will be proudly respresenting The Warriors today!

M is laying on the floor in her jammies still this morning. I told her we could have a jammie day! She was all smiles! She's watching Nims Island and I'm getting ready to head upstairs to start cleaning.'s been a long time coming! I need to mop, sweep, dust, clean bathrooms, laundry...I know you all understand. And I think I'm procrastinating because I'm still blogging and I said I was only going to spend a few minutes online!

Mr. Mom is working today. He's been so busy with painting jobs these days. I haven't seen much of him. He left at 7:30 am this morning and is working all day today. But how cool is this - he took M on a "date" last night all by himself! It just warmed my heart to see them getting ready to go! M was beside herself to be spending the time with Daddy all alone. Of course, as usual, I got all teared up. Not sure whats wrong with me these days and the emotions. Must be the holidays approaching FAST! I will post pictures soon of their night out. Mr. Mom took her to Texas Roadhouse and then to Target, which cracked me up! He's a good Dad!

We are going to my sisters house tonight for a bonfire to freeze our hiney's off! But that's the idea, isn't it? I do love bonfire's and hanging out with the fam. Anyone want to join us??? I would love for you to come! And M's basketball tournament is I will be gone all day. Sigh.....there's just not enough hours in the there?!

Well, I need to close down this computer and get busy. I don't want Mr. Mom to walk in from working to see me doing NOTHING! hee hee

I'll leave you with these cute pictures that I took this week. Enjoy and have a wonderful weekend!!!

Actually I'll leave you with this....M is always making silly faces and acting up! I'm not sure where she gets it!


xoxoxo -Keli

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  1. I love days when you have nothing to do and nowhere to go...well except clean. But stay in your jammies days are so fun! Enjoy! Cute pictures too. Love the silly face!

  2. I ♥ those days too! Cute pictures :) Hope you have an awesome weekend! ♥ Hugs!

  3. Good Morning to you too!!!!
    I love those days when the kids can be lazy for a bit. Satrudays are always my day to clean but sometimes I find it hard to get motivated. Especially when my kids are at their Dad's for the weekend. Those no responsibility days always make me want to do nothing. :-)
    It made my heart melt to hear that Mr Mom took M on a date. What a sweet man to take time and spend it one on one with his daughter. He truly is a wonderful man, but you already knew that.
    Love the pictures, especially M and her funny face.

  4. I can't wait until my littler girl is old enough to go on Daddy dates.
    I love the pictures of her. You're really great with the camera.

  5. lazy pj days are my favorite too. Especially in the cool fall/early winter weather. with yummy candles scenting the house and the fire going. peaceful.
    Get the cleaning done quick and join her.
    I loved Daddy/Daughter dates/time. She will remember and treasure the memories forever and always feel the love that came with the giving of time.
    5 stars for your Mr. Mom.
    (can you tell that my Dad raised me...alone (for the most part))

  6. Um, let me guess...your hubby! No? She gets it from you? Really? I never would have guessed it! ;0)

  7. gabby is famous! had so much fun with you guys last night. i wish i lived closer!! love the gabby pictures and that picture of M looks just like J!!

  8. I miss those days! in fact, I long for those days again.

  9. awww, what a kissy face!!! I hope ya'll loved your pj day and hey, sittin here thinking of things to share with us, your loyal friends , on your blog in not nuthin :) I hope you have a great weekend, see ya lata! LA

  10. OK, date night with still my heart! Give that guy a hug...or something.

    Love and miss you ALL!!!

  11. cute pictures!! i would like a day in my jammies to do nothing!!!
    Hows the dare going?

  12. She is just the cutest I love the first pic :)
    We too had cleaning day at our house I bet mine needed it worse than yours :(

  13. That last picture is too funny!! Some of my favorite pictures are the "outtakes!" The ones that aren't posed and the typical "perfect"! Sometimes that makes them all the more perfect to us, as mommies!!

  14. Very cute, loved the last photo, it made me lol...

  15. Keli, I came upon your blog through Shauna at Trying to Stay Calm! We seem to have a LOT in common...age and lots of animals, etc. I put myself as a follower. Hope you don't mind! I'm always game to make friends. You seem awesome!

  16. don't you love those kick back and do nothing days? I think they should be mandatory at least once a month to have one

  17. First, I love the new look of your blog! I don't know how long ago you changed your blog up, I read it daily, but just noticed. I can't even remember what's on mine.
    Those pictures are so cute! And that last picture of M is adorable! I love watching children make faces, especially when they think no one is watching them.

  18. Love the darling pics.

    love moo


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