Thursday, January 29, 2009

Snow Day and a Thankful Thursday!

Please please please pray!!! My friend Nicole's daughter was admitted to the hospital tonight with RSV, my friend Feather's niece is in the hospital with RSV and Bart Millard's (Mercy Me) daughter Sophie is also in the hospital with RSV! All three baby's are not doing well and need our prayers!! I know there are some awesome prayer warriors out there!! Thank you in advance!!!

What do you do when you get a snow day??? Play in the snow of course! And if you have a really cool big brother, you get a really big mound of snow AND a ramp right in your backyard!!!

This is the cool big brother who made the mound and the ramp...
He looks a little disgusted but I thing he was just frozen.
It took quite awhile to build this masterpiece.

This is the cool mound of snow and
ramp that the cool big brother made for his little sis...

Do you realize how many times I heard "Watch me Mom", "Watch this", "Wait, watch this one"...
I was frrreeezzziiiinnnggg brrrrrrrrr...
But you know it was worth it...not really...ok maybe a little..but it was still cold.....
Can you see that it was dark out?
I had a hard time getting her in the house!

Side note: Isn't it cool how the camera captured the snowflakes?
I thought so too!

The End
So, the Thankful Thursday part of this is....How awesome is it to have a brother that is almost 9 yrs. older (18 next week!) take the time to do this for you and your friends?! I'm thankful that they get along, most of the time and that he chose to do this for her AND enjoyed every minute of it! I know Moo is should have seen the smile! There's that smile again! : )
I love it!
I hope everyone that had snow days, had fun!!!

Love you all!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My sister, Sheli, is blogging!!!

Good grief, it's about time!!! She couldn't take the pressure! You all will love her just as much as I do (hmmm...did I just type that?). She's a pain in the bu...side but she's fun! So, please, please, please follow her blog or she'll cry and snot everywhere and I just can't take that! Not that I will feel sorry for her or anything, I just don't like snot!

Keli & Sheli = Skeli

Keli & Sheli

You can find her here -

You gals & guys are the best!!! xoxoxo

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Can we get a puppy????

NO NO NO NO and gee let me think....NO! These words were repeated several times for several months by Jay, my hubby, the Dad, Mr. Mom, the Man of House, etc. And who can deny me my birthday present from my Dad????

Guess what????? Meet Nieci.... Nieci
He gave in!

She's supposed to be part Jack Russell and part Toy Terrier. Not thinkin that's what she is...we think she's part Min Pin, if not all. She weighs 6.2 oz and is so little. But, in the end, it doesn't matter, she needed a home and a loving family.

She is sooo loveable, cute, sweet and is adjusting so well! And did I mention that she has not barked at all?! She cried for a couple seconds when I put her in her bed but she was out like a light in no time. She had her first Vet visit on our way home from picking her up. I will blog about that this know we took pictures! : )


And after, "I don't want nothin to do with her!" BAHWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! He loves her!!! He's not so tough deep inside! There's a heart in there and she found it on the first day.

Jay & Nieci

Love at first sight!!!

It's clearly love...

Oh, and one last thing...she's not a dog...she's a baby. My baby. She will have all girlie things, including a girlie leash and collar....I love her. I wonder if she will like to shop...hmmmm...

The leash

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend!!! xoxo

Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Seniors Won!

My son, Jake #3, is a Senior this year and the Seniors play the Faculty every year in basketball game. All proceeds benefited Riley Hospital for Children! How cool is that??

For the last 12 years the Faculty have been the big winners! But guess what???? Not this year! Nope!! The Seniors won!!! What an awesome memory for Jake to look back on!

And the game itself? HI LARRY US! The Seniors wore the "old school" uniforms from decades ago..hee hee! And the Senior boys who are on the "real" varsity team were the coaches! They decided to dress up...scary. I have a few shots. Some of these picture were taken by one of the teachers, this #1 Mom, forgot her camera! I was not happy! And some were taken with my trusty ol' Blackberry.








It was an awesome game and fun family time!

Have a wonderful weekend sweet friends!!! xoxo

Monday, January 19, 2009

I Love....

Ok, I'm joining the iHeartFaces fun with photography! I'm entering a photo for the kids and one for the adults! If you haven't checked out their website, go, run, hurry click and enter your photos! All the cool kids are doin it and I know you don't want to be left out! :)

Moo and her friend playing in the snow..

This is my Grandmother..she is an amazing women..

Beautiful Grandma

I hope you all go check out the site and enter your pictures. If you do...Good luck to all!

Sunday, January 18, 2009


The kids are excited! The parents...not so much! I despise Winter and everything that comes with it...snow, cold, ice, slush, chattering teeth, aching bones, dry skin...all of it! YUCK!

Ok, there is one little thing that I do like, the smile on Moo's face when it snows! It brightens her day! These pictures are from Wednesday. I think it was something like 4 below 0 and there was no keepin her in! So, we told her to bundle up and head out but to come in when she could no longer feel any of her limbs. And if she didn't make it in time, to please yell at the top of your lungs and someone would come to her rescue. She was in snow Heaven!
Moo's friend.

I'm not sure whey the somber look on her face in
the picture above. I think she was waiting on one of
the boys to bring her sled back to her...Dang BOYS!

She was out there for about an hour and finally gave up. She was sooo cold! But the smile was still on her face when she came in. The smile....that's what matters!!

Friday, January 16, 2009

UPDATE....Mr. Mom and his young nurse or should that be Nurse Young?

Mr. Mom just left the house with Moo on his heels....he took her shopping!!! What??? So, if I would have done my wifely duties do you think he would have taken ME shopping????
So, you all know that Mr. Mom had knee surgery. And you all know that I'm not a nurse. Guess what? He's so spoiled right now! Check it out:
Looking for the ingredients for grilled cheese at Daddy O's request.

Very carefully laying the top on...

Moo thought she would add her own special touch.

She didn't tell him. I wonder if he tasted the cinnamon.

Here's the finished product.

She has totally babied him all week! She has covered him up, added ice to his cooler for the cuff on his leg, held the cooler up in the air so the water would come down faster while filling up the cuff, catered to his every wish. And then, behind his back, said....

"Mom, am I gettin paid for this?"

Yep, I raised her right!!!!!

Thank you for all the prayers this week! Mr. Mom is recovering quite well and is now up and around. And we are getting fed right proper!!! hehe

I've been tagged...

My cuz Marchelle tagged me. It 's an easy tag so I'm gonna cooperate! I'm also gonna say Woo to the Hoo because all the cool kids say it now!


1. go to your documents/pictures.
2. go to your 6th file.
3. go to your 6th picture.
4. blog about it.
5. tag 6 people to do the same.
6. smileSo here is my 6th pic in my 6th file.

Wow, what a wonderful shot of FOOD. Why?? Hmmm...I believe this is the food we ate while spending the day with my Grandparents during The Covered Bridge Festival. Papa has to have this porkchop in that picture every year! So...we indulged him and had a great time. Cuz that's what matters right?? Spending the day with family.....eating greasy food....Papa & Grandma smiled....that's what matters....

So, as always it's to hard to pick. So, please please please make me smile! If you are reading this, please take the tag and blog about! K? Will it help if I hug you?? {{{Hugs}}}

Friday, January 9, 2009

Mr. Mom had surgery....

Mr. Mom had surgery today on his knee. They thought at first that he tore the meniscus but after diving in and looking around decided that wasn't it at all. He had ACL surgery 24 years ago, so lots of wear and tear in the knee area and they decided that he just needed some cartilage shaved down and sewed him back up. We were at the hospital at 8:00 am, surgery and 11:45 am and home by 2:00 pm. (if you like to people watch like I do...hang out in a waiting room for 5 hours..Wowee)

So, I come to you in need. I need prayer..yep, ME. I know y'all know that I'm not a nurse nor am I a nurturer. I'm not sure why. Something must have happened in childhood that I've blocked out. As soon as we got home, I had to get him all propped up on the couch and get his leg raised above his heart..ugh...then he needs blankets...3 blankets...then they are to heavy on his leg..Kel can you fix them? Can you cut these hospital bracelets off my arm? Can you help me change the water in the cooler for the brace? I'm hungry? I'm thirsty? Are you kidding me? I do want to say that I saw the faintest little smirk on his cute dimpled face during all this!

The biggest issue with Mr. Mom being down, flat on his back, is that he can't cook dinner! My sister said if he was a real man, he would've had dinner on before we left this morning. And I have to say, I agree! I opened the freezer-no casserole's, nothing. What's a girl to do? I'll tell you what! I headed to Kroger and bought a lemon peppered rotisserie chicken and some macaroni salad! The kids and I have a wedding tomorrow night so dinner will be at the reception. So, we're good for one more night. What the hec am I going to leave him to eat? Chips and a soda? : )

Ok, I'm totally kidding, sorta. I'm not a nurturer or a nurse or a cook. It's just not in me. Never has been and at this point, probably never will be. BUT, I love Mr. Mom and appreciate all that he does for us. He truly is an awesome husband, father and friend. And I will do my very best to take care of him for the next week or so. I have to eat again! LOL!

Now, the following photo is not pretty but I couldn't resist. A guy in support hose will never be pretty. You can tell he totally posed for this picture!


I'm really not a mean, insensitive, uncaring human being..I promise. : )

So, now I'll ask for all my wonderful prayer warrior friends to help me pray for Mr. Mom's speedy recovery!

Pray for patience for me! hee hee

Love ya!!!