Friday, January 16, 2009

UPDATE....Mr. Mom and his young nurse or should that be Nurse Young?

Mr. Mom just left the house with Moo on his heels....he took her shopping!!! What??? So, if I would have done my wifely duties do you think he would have taken ME shopping????
So, you all know that Mr. Mom had knee surgery. And you all know that I'm not a nurse. Guess what? He's so spoiled right now! Check it out:
Looking for the ingredients for grilled cheese at Daddy O's request.

Very carefully laying the top on...

Moo thought she would add her own special touch.

She didn't tell him. I wonder if he tasted the cinnamon.

Here's the finished product.

She has totally babied him all week! She has covered him up, added ice to his cooler for the cuff on his leg, held the cooler up in the air so the water would come down faster while filling up the cuff, catered to his every wish. And then, behind his back, said....

"Mom, am I gettin paid for this?"

Yep, I raised her right!!!!!

Thank you for all the prayers this week! Mr. Mom is recovering quite well and is now up and around. And we are getting fed right proper!!! hehe


  1. Keli,
    You've got a nurturer on your hands. And I loved that she asked for money! Hope your husband is doing better.

  2. that is funny. You sure did raise her right. ;)
    Hmmm...cinnamon on grilled cheese, may have to try that.
    Did Mr. Mom taste it?

    Maybe she will be a nurse when she grows up. ;) Then she will get paid for it. :)

    Glad you are eating again and that Mr. Mom is feeling better. ;)

  3. She's so sweet. And she's growing up so fast learning all the ends and outs of money and how it works. Better yet, how you work it.
    Glad Mr.Mom is feeling better and is back to cooking for ya.

  4. maybe they went to buy you something??

  5. How sweet! You did train her right..did he taste the cinammon?
    -sandy toe

  6. Yes, she is very sweet but she knows how to work him! : ) Nope didn't get me a thing! She got a new doll! I guess she deserves it with her little nurturing self...

  7. that's right, Moo...cha-ching...should always be thought about :)...

  8. That is too funny! My oldest would say the same thing and my youngest would actually do it because he loves to love on anyone!!

  9. Ummm no, you didn't raise her right... she should have asked for payment BEFORE waiting on Mr. Mom... LOL

    Oh really... glad Moo could help make his recovery better. I just may have to try the cinnamon thing myself.

  10. Hope you have a great weekend! ♥ Hugs :)

  11. That is SOOOO sweet!

    Moo's gonna make a great mommy!

  12. Well thank goodness she didn't take after you (us) with her nurturing skills. Her husband will be thankful someday. Loved that she asked about the pay...hehehe. Atta girl! xoxo Ang

  13. What a sweet girl...the pay questions is hilarious! Love it!

  14. That is so stinkin' cute!! She is such a sweetie and very smart asking about the being paid!!

  15. How cute! I can't let my daughter see this post! I wont let her near the kitchen- easy bake is all the cookin she gets to do!hahahaha Moo did a great job!

  16. This was so cute. Glad he is feeling better. I hope you are doing better soon.

  17. Hey!!!

    so I thought that since I follow you on twitter I would come here and follow ya! :)

    Love your blog! You have a beautiful family!


  18. So did he taste the cinammon? :)

  19. BTW - You have NO idea how jealous I am that your man cooks. It's my least favorite thing to do!


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