Thursday, January 29, 2009

Snow Day and a Thankful Thursday!

Please please please pray!!! My friend Nicole's daughter was admitted to the hospital tonight with RSV, my friend Feather's niece is in the hospital with RSV and Bart Millard's (Mercy Me) daughter Sophie is also in the hospital with RSV! All three baby's are not doing well and need our prayers!! I know there are some awesome prayer warriors out there!! Thank you in advance!!!

What do you do when you get a snow day??? Play in the snow of course! And if you have a really cool big brother, you get a really big mound of snow AND a ramp right in your backyard!!!

This is the cool big brother who made the mound and the ramp...
He looks a little disgusted but I thing he was just frozen.
It took quite awhile to build this masterpiece.

This is the cool mound of snow and
ramp that the cool big brother made for his little sis...

Do you realize how many times I heard "Watch me Mom", "Watch this", "Wait, watch this one"...
I was frrreeezzziiiinnnggg brrrrrrrrr...
But you know it was worth it...not really...ok maybe a little..but it was still cold.....
Can you see that it was dark out?
I had a hard time getting her in the house!

Side note: Isn't it cool how the camera captured the snowflakes?
I thought so too!

The End
So, the Thankful Thursday part of this is....How awesome is it to have a brother that is almost 9 yrs. older (18 next week!) take the time to do this for you and your friends?! I'm thankful that they get along, most of the time and that he chose to do this for her AND enjoyed every minute of it! I know Moo is should have seen the smile! There's that smile again! : )
I love it!
I hope everyone that had snow days, had fun!!!

Love you all!


  1. How fun! I am on my way over with Lucy and the sled! LOL!
    Prayers for all of the babies tonight!
    Hugs, Jill

  2. What a sweet older brother. He seems very cool! I wish it would warm up here just a bit so we could enjoy our snow. you can't stay out to long when it is only 14 degrees. BRRRrrrrrr!

  3. What a great brother! And you captured some great shots! Love being able to see the snowflakes! I remember being M's age and building a hill like that in my backyard and being out there for hrs too! What fun!

  4. I'm so glad I raised him right. He's a good boy. "He wan he aunt she-she hold him?"

  5. Aw, that was so nice of him! If I knew you had that going on in your backyard we would've been over! That is awesome! Looks like she had a blast!

  6. By the way, great pictures! And love your new blog look!!

  7. What a sweet big brother. My oldest is four years old than his little brother and he still does nice things for him.

    Will pray for these littles ones. We had a foster son that was hospitalized with RSV and we had to wait all day in the emergency room because there wasn't a spare crib. There were that many kids with RSV.

  8. Wow how cool is he? I can tell she just had a blast.

    Im gonna have to bring my kids to your house just so they can see some snow. I dont think they have probably ever heard the word.


  9. LOVE the snow.. you know, today at 50 degrees. You are so sweet to ask for prayers for all those babies. Bart & Shannon are actually good friends of mine, she & I were college roommates & sorority sisters. Little Sophie is home but their family is going through so much right now besides the baby's illness, so keep them in your prayers... We have GOT to hook up one of these days...

  10. I hope the baby's doing ok.
    Love love the snow day pictures too cute!

  11. I hope the baby's doing ok.
    Love love the snow day pictures too cute!

  12. Awww...I miss you all soooo much! Looks like a blast to me. Wish it would snow here...or...get like sunny and 80...either one is fine. See you next month! Love you...

  13. Over here on the East Coast, if the weather man calls for snow, then the schools close! We had a snow day last week, but it didn't snow!! Talk about a boring day! I'll keep the babies in my prayers!

  14. Love the pictures! :) looks like the kiddo's had fun!

    Thanks for putting Feather's and My neice up on here for prayer! I appreciate it! :)

  15. i was worrying there for a minute that it was melting... guess we don't have to worry about that after today!!
    that J-A-C-O-B...he's such a sweetie!


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