Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Seniors Won!

My son, Jake #3, is a Senior this year and the Seniors play the Faculty every year in basketball game. All proceeds benefited Riley Hospital for Children! How cool is that??

For the last 12 years the Faculty have been the big winners! But guess what???? Not this year! Nope!! The Seniors won!!! What an awesome memory for Jake to look back on!

And the game itself? HI LARRY US! The Seniors wore the "old school" uniforms from decades ago..hee hee! And the Senior boys who are on the "real" varsity team were the coaches! They decided to dress up...scary. I have a few shots. Some of these picture were taken by one of the teachers, this #1 Mom, forgot her camera! I was not happy! And some were taken with my trusty ol' Blackberry.








It was an awesome game and fun family time!

Have a wonderful weekend sweet friends!!! xoxo


  1. Wow Keli, that looks like it was a BLAST!! Thanks so much for sharing the pics!

    Love and Prayers,


  2. I love that they do this...what a great idea for a great cause. Jake looks great and that boy with that headband on...HIS TERRY CAll!!! Love you....Ang

  3. Great pictures! Sounds like a blast! High school memories like this are priceless.

  4. How fun! Those pictures were great to look at. What a great memory for all those involved and for a charity as well...that is awesome all the way around. With the score being that close, it must have been a great game too!

  5. Hooray for the seniors! I have the *awesome* distinction of being a part of the '90 graduating class that is known for *losing* to the junior girls in the Powder Puff football game. *sigh* We still haven't lived it down!

  6. I loved my senior year! Looks and sounds like it was a fun time!

  7. too much fun, kel!!!! missed you friday! can't wait till we are ALL together!!

    love you,

  8. That is a great idea and it looks like a blast. I wish I had something fun to do this weekend. One more week and it's the super bowl!

  9. What a blast! So much fun and what a great memory for Jake, but those unis gotta go!!

  10. WOW... that looks like it was so much fun! You must be very proud of your son.

  11. What a fun game!! I bet it was good for some laughs! Your blog is so fun! And that little girl of yours... adorable!

  12. That is great that they finally won! Great pics!

    I can't give you a goodie pail- you forgot your camera for an important kid-event- have to take points off for that!LOL!

  13. I remember those days well! Happy family times;) Happy Sunday Girl!


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