Sunday, January 18, 2009


The kids are excited! The parents...not so much! I despise Winter and everything that comes with it...snow, cold, ice, slush, chattering teeth, aching bones, dry skin...all of it! YUCK!

Ok, there is one little thing that I do like, the smile on Moo's face when it snows! It brightens her day! These pictures are from Wednesday. I think it was something like 4 below 0 and there was no keepin her in! So, we told her to bundle up and head out but to come in when she could no longer feel any of her limbs. And if she didn't make it in time, to please yell at the top of your lungs and someone would come to her rescue. She was in snow Heaven!
Moo's friend.

I'm not sure whey the somber look on her face in
the picture above. I think she was waiting on one of
the boys to bring her sled back to her...Dang BOYS!

She was out there for about an hour and finally gave up. She was sooo cold! But the smile was still on her face when she came in. The smile....that's what matters!!


  1. fun fun fun!! you tell moo i am right there with her!! i L O V E this snow here in maine..just sad there won't be any waiting on me at home!!
    not much longer now and our girl party (with the twilight all nighter) will be ON!!
    love ya,

  2. Awww, how sweet. Those pictures were adorable. My little Goose keeps asking why we do not have snow if it is winter time. Luckily the pre-school is having snow brought in for them next week.

  3. looks like they had a great time

  4. Whew! Glad she had a good time. Looks like she had a blast. The smile could have been frozen on her face.

  5. Dang, that girls got some mooooves on that snow! Did you actually go outside to take those pics? Or pay someone? Or take them from inside with your super zoom lens?

    You know I'm with you on the whole winter thing. BUT...I say, if its going to be cold it might as well least it's pretty.

    Love and miss you ALL!!! Ang

  6. these are too cute! the ONLY thing i like about winter is cute hats, scarves and mittens! i love moo's hat!

  7. WOW...she had a lot of fun!

    We usually have snow by now and we haven't its kind of sad. I love the first snow but I hate it after that.

    Oh, your daughter is a cutie!

  8. What a fun time she had out in the snow. You got some great shots too! She is so cute! Hope you had the hot chocolate on:)

  9. Weeeeweeee snizo!!! And, now I want some!! (sobs) I seriously drove out of Ok. then got a message from my gf graciously letting me know that we were getting snow... Aint that about a biscuit!!! & Looks like you all had a ball!! ♥ LA

  10. Oh, how fun! She is absolutely beautiful! You got some great shots! My boys miss the snow so, not so much! Glad she had a fun time!

  11. great shots! The one where she is looking down waiting- is something straight out of a magazine! A tad bit jealous over your snow- we had 70's again today- and many promises of snow that has passed us by!

  12. I am convinced children don't feel cold the way us big-baby adults do. LOL

    And there is only one things that I hate worse than slush ... MUD! Just wait until March. ugh



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