Monday, November 17, 2008

Not Me Monday

I can not believe it's the start of a new week already. Here goes another list of confessions...

#1 I did not eat 2 spoonfuls of Marshmallow Creme right out of the's way way to sweet!

#2 I did NOT feed my girlfriends daughter McDonald's twice this weekend! That would be so unhealthy and lazy of me! And I also did not let her run around the house all afternoon in her pull-ups!

#3 I did not lay on the family room floor, cozied up by the fire with the girls and watch Winn Dixie on Saturday afternoon! And I did not enjoy it! I have so much housework to do!

#3 I also did not SHUSH the girls while watching it! I was really enjoying it and I couldn't hear and it was at a really good part! It is now on my top 10 movie list!

#4 I did not SHUSH the teens in the front row at the theater during Madagascar! I would never do that! How RUDE! And I did not laugh right out loud at King Julian!

#5 I did not post my pregnant friends belly without her permission..Now that would be rude!

#6 I do not and did not move around ridiculously in my car dancing all the way home...It's a long way home and it was a really good station! (plus I realllllyyyyy had to go tinkle)

#7 I did not not pull up to the pump at the gas station on the wrong side! It was not sooo embarrassing!

#8 I did not sit in MY chair last night eating a HUGE bowl of chocolate ice cream with M cuddled up beside me eating her own HUGE bowl of chocolate ice cream while the fire warmed us up. And it most definitely was NOT her bedtime!

#9 I did not carry my Dust Buster in the car with me today along with Armor All wipes thinking I was going to clean my car on my lunch hour..why would I think I would do that!? HA!

#10 I did not sit here for a 1/2 hour trying to think of another Not Me just so I could have a list of 10!!! Ridiculous!!!

Now it's time to head over to MckMama's blog and read all the other Not Me's!

Have a great Monday!!! xoxo Keli


  1. wooohoooh I think I might be the first one to respond so I will make it fast!! I can totally imagine you doing allll of these and the one in the car made me lol!!! Greatr post!! LA

  2. Great list, I love marshmello right out of the jar' =)

    Your list cracked me up.

    Congrats on the Prego contest.

  3. KELLY MARIE, where do we go for the link to vote?????

  4. I never feed my friends kids fast food either...hey, I would rather them have clogged arteries than keel over because of my cooking. LOL

  5. Ummm, okay, disreguard last post.... :) I foundie....

  6. I've wanted to see Winn Dixie for a long time, but haven't gotten around to it! By the way, I think you need to do a post for that contest, because I barely noticed your thingie on you side bar and I want you to!! You've got a long way to go, but you ( can do it!! I've even emailed my!

  7. I think I have done at least half if not more of your great list, my freind! Have a fab Monday!

  8. Oh my sweet sweet friend. You're killin' me with this list. I laughed right out your expense of course. And the fact that you've left me NO bloggy love for a few days. Hello? Remember me? Your BFF!

  9. #7 - it took me awhile too with a new car!! LOL don't you feel like such a dork when that happens though?!

  10. Yum - chocolate ice cream?! I could really go for some right now.

  11. Keli,
    That always happens to me. The kids want to watch a movie and I get all engrossed in it...and have to shush 'em all the way through it.

  12. i never do the tinkle dance in the car!! you're so funny!


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