Sunday, November 30, 2008

What a wonderful weekend...

Friends....I am truly blessed to have such wonderful friends!

First of all I need to back up a little. Thanksgiving day was wonderful. We spent the day at my Dad's (aka Pop) with the family. Dinner was delicious. After dinner, we spent the evening going through the ads for all the bargains on Black Friday. Then we took a trip out to Walmart for a few items that night. It was a great day.

I stayed up until midnight getting ready for Black Friday. I had to get my "shopping purse" ready! Gotta be hands free! I then proceeded to put my ads in order. Finally, ready for bed. I felt like I had just laid down when I hear that dreaded sound...beep beep beep, which really sounded like a shrill scream at 1:45 AM! Ugh! But I had to get up, shower and leave my house by 2:45 AM. I did it and I was only 10 minutes late to meet my 3 crazy friends. This was our 12th year together. We shop and shop! I got home at 12:30 that night....21 hours of shopping!! It was great but I could sure feel my age. I'm sure we'll still be partaking in Black Friday when we are old and gray!

I slept in till 9:00 am on Saturday. I woke up and couldn't wait to get ready for the day! My girlfriend (Ang - Davisix Fix) from S. Carolina was in town! You all have no idea how I've missed her! We met a couple of years ago. We didn't click right away, I thought she was a snob and she thought I was a snob! And we both are so NOT snobby! After a couple of talks we hit it off! Been great friends ever since and then she moved away! I cried and cried! Anyway, she's here! So, we met at another friends house (Brandi - LarsenQuad) and had a great time! Plus another bloggy friend (Miranda-Traveling Treasures) also was invited to hang out! And my cousin (Marchelle - Chronicles of a Working Mom) came over to hang with us too! She took the pictures and they turned out great as usual! And she's my neighbor! How cool is that?!

What a wonderful way to spend the day....with friends! We had Thanksgiving dinner all over again and the kids played ( 11 of them) and we talked and laughed. 10 hours or so of laughing and talking! But it came time to say goodbye. And I cried....

Ang - We miss you all so much already! Love you!
Brandi - We had so much fun and thank you for having us over to hang out! I miss you too! : )
Miranda- It was awesome finally meeting you and your beautiful family! And how cool that we live 1 street away from each other! It's a small world!

Here we are all together... Angie, Keli, Brandi and Miranda.

I will post a few more photos later. I need to share them with the girls first!

I hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and a bargain filled Black Friday!

xoxo - Keli


  1. Awww, what a great time it sounds like.. Love the new picture in your header and love, love, love the picture of the four girls. How fun, glad you had a great weekend.

  2. The pictures say it all - so glad you had a family and friend filled Thanksgiving weekend!!

  3. Keli,
    Oh what fun! Why couldn't Ang have stopped in TN and picked me up???? So glad you girls got to reunite. Your new header is just lovely!!

  4. What a fun weekend! I love catching up with all of my friends! I have a friend too that thought I was snobby and I thought she was artsy-strange! Now we are BFF!

  5. um hello!? i know i was only there for like 2 hours but i was still there! and i did take the pics! and i do have a blog! and i do live in the same 'hood as you and miranda!

    i am the uncool kid. i weep.

  6. I'm glad you had a good Thanksgiving. I know that I sure did. Last year was my first and last Black Friday experience. Getting up early to face such crowds is not worth the savings to me. But then I guess that guys aren't "real" shoppers anyway.

    An Arkie's Musings

  7. Glad you had a great Thanksgiving! I missed you glad you are back :) ♥ Hugs!

  8. WoW..21 hrs of shopping on less than 2 hrs of sleep. YOU GO GIRL!!! I am the opposite, I need 21 hrs sleep for 2 hrs shopping. ha ha ha j/k
    What an awesome weekend. Love the pic. Fun times, great memories.
    I like your new header picture too. What a beautiul family.

  9. OK, I'm a follower now!!!! Love the blog! I also had a good time. Nothin like a Starbucks run and talks of sex to make a day great!!!!!!! We will have to do this again sometime!!!

  10. Oh my...I can't imagine getting up sooo early to shop! Sounds like you had a wonderful time, tho. What beautiful pictures you posted and I love your new family pic you posted at the top! Glad you had an awesome Thanksgiving weekend! Have a great day.

  11. Oh I am loving your new header picture!!! Awesome family shot! I also love that you had a BLOGIDAY (vs. Holiday). Sounds like you all had a great time!

  12. 21 hours!?! And I thought I was a power shopper...

  13. First of all I love the new header picture! BEAUTIFUL....
    Even though I wasn't right there with you physically I was there with you 1000 miles away at our black Friday shopping spree :)
    I just love having the best girl friends they are the best! Great picture of you all

  14. first of all that picture is GREAT!!! and you look SMOKIN in it!!! i am glad that you had a good time. although i am slightly jealous that you got to have fun w/o me. oh well, maybe one day!!

  15. so did you get some good buys? um, what happened to your husbands hair???

  16. OMGosh...crazy girl! Why even bother going to bed?! What fun you had! Sounds like a grand time. And I totally love the new pic on your header :)

  17. YOu women are marathon shoppers and DH wishes that I went with you then I wouldn't have had to drag him out with me this year!

  18. Love your new header!! I thought maybe it was taken before this weekend but then looked at Mr. Mom's hair, or lack of, and realized it was taken just yesterday! It's great!
    Had a wonderful time! Now that we know where each other lives, maybe we can stop by and see each other.


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