Monday, December 1, 2008

Black Friday!

Ok day was here and now it's gone. How could 21 hours of shopping go so quickly?! I know why, because I was with some of my bestest girlfriends! Becky, Tammy and Sherry (who we lovingly call Mama Merk) . She is a hoot!!!

I have shopped with the same 3 friends for 12 years. Tammy and Sherry have shopped for...I think 16 years together before Becky and I shoved our way in! Becky and I have been BFF's for about 16 years! Her and I have been through so much together and we've been through lot's of wet pant's together! LOL! She wets her pants when she gets to laughing! Um...a few of us also do the same but we won't talk about that. I can't tell you everything about me!

Back to Becky - it would not be the same if she didn't have to change her pants at least one time during the shopping spree! And usually the changing is done in the car! Over the years, Sherry has been just as bad!

We even have an ornament exchange every year. There's only the 4 of us but we make it official by drawing names. Usually it takes a few times because we keep pulling our own names. This year my BFF did not even put my name in the drawing - she put Sherry's in twice so I got an ornament this year that wasn't really meant for me...LOL! I love putting the tree up and laughing when I see all of the ornaments over the years that I have recieved and remembering the fun it was hunting for just the right ornament!

Here's the agenda for the day:

Alarm, with it's shrill scream, rings/screams at 1:45.

I jump out of bed! HAHAHAHA! I moan and groan and gripe and roll out of bed and head for the shower.

I laid out my clothes the night before so I could jump into them and head out. Of course I had to do my hair and put on my face first - NO ONE wants to see me before all that happens!

I met the girls at 3:30 am. My friend Tam, beat me this year! And believe me, my phone rang at 3:30 am so she could rub it in! Whatever! It won't happen again Tammy! I was 10 minutes late and she is usually the one strolling in! Most of the time it's because she can't find shoes to wear! LOL!

The girls had their "hands free" shopping satchels strapped on, ads in hand and we were out the door!

First stop - Walmart! I despise Walmart so much! Did you all hear about the employee at "the" Walmart in New York? He was trampled by customers when the doors opened! So very sad! We didn't trample any employees but we did bump a few carts out of the way! And there are MANY hateful people out there! Don't get up and shop at 4:00 am with a scowl on your face! We laugh the entire time! And people - seriously, why do you drag out little ones at 4:00 am and then gripe at them because they are crying? I will never figure that one out!

Then off to all the other stops - Kohls, Meijer, Target, the mall. We spend most of our time at the mall. The lines were really long but we waited and waited..who can pass up a bargain?! And we got some bargains this year! I'm thinking the economy didn't stop alot of people! The one thing that NO ONE had enough of was those awesome fuzzy SOFT socks for little girls! Couldn't find ONE stinkin' pair for M! I'll keep looking.

We have pizza in the mall food court at 6:30 a.m. - It's good! Don't judge! : ) We had lunch at Don Pablo's - YUMMO! And we top the evening off with Steak N Shake!!! By the time I get home, my stomach is a wreck!

Plus we got a little surprise this year - Our girl Tam, got us Preferred Parking at the docks!! We could park at any docking/service area at the mall! You have no idea how thankful we were to have that! We were able to shop, get arms full of stuff and then go drop it off at the car - no crowds - NOTHING! We thought we were SOMEBODY! We were the only ones that thought that, but does that really matter? Check it out!

Here we are parking - not a soul around us...


And here's the sign...sorry for the blur, I was very cold...


I wish I would have snapped more pictures with my phone! I'm not sure what I was thinking! But we were on a mission!

We had a blast as usual and it's always sad at the end of the day. I wouldn't miss it for the world! It's not all about the shopping or the's about the friendship and the time we get to spend together.

Love you girls!! See ya next year! LOL!




  1. How do you do it for so long? I love to shop, but I am home no later than the 1pm. I guess I am just a door buster kindof girl. LOL. Too fun for you!
    Glad you are back and I love the new header. Just beautiful!

  2. My elf name is Candy Candy Cane lips. LOL

  3. seriously, i left a comment on a few of your blogs! I AM SO ENVIOUS! I could spit!! I am so glad you had so much fun!

  4. sounds like you had fun, but oh lord, getting up at 1:45!! do you go to bed at 5:00pm??

  5. Ssoo, my elf name is Dixie McMini!! What a hoot! I did the boys' too and they were pretty funny as well! Wow, I thought I was out a lot on Friday, but you my friend, take the cake! Kudos to you, you crazy gal :)

  6. Way to go forth and accomplish your mission, BF Jedi...btw your new banner pic is great!

  7. So here's my elf name:

    Pixie Mince Meat

    What??? Kinda offended...Why couldn't it be Pixie Candy Candy Cane...might as well be Pixie Chopped Liver...hahaha ;)

  8. I am ....Baby Tinsel Toes ...So cute...LOL
    It sounds like you guys had so much fun...

  9. I don't know how you do it, but I think it is awesome that you gals get together each year for an ENTIRE day of shopping.

  10. OMGaw you are really are freak, and I loveeee it!! I thought I was bad getting out by 5 am, you guys are awesome! I go with girlfriends too, but I havnt found anyone to stick it out year after year!! I so wish I could push my way into you lil group!! hehehe.. LA

  11. Oh my! I'm exhausted just thinking about your day. Sounds like you had fun!! So what did you end up buying (or can you not share?)? : )

  12. Wow, sounds like a great time.. My elf name cracked me up, I will have to post later...

  13. Preferred parking?!? You lucky lady. I know people who would KILL for that. Not me of course, I love walking 1.2 miles to get to the mall doors ;0)

  14. I love that you all do an ornament exchange! That is neat!
    I love me some friendship time, but my goodness that's crazy. You all truly love each other for enjoying the crowds and crazy people on Black Friday. Although, the only way you can enjoy it is to laugh the entire time. Sounds like you all had that covered.

  15. Sounds like a blast! I love the ornament exchange thing. Great parking makes a huge difference!

  16. HA! I am Freckles Sweet Cheeks!! You know that's dead on! LOL

    I'm worn out just reading this post. You're my hero. And I miss you!!! xoxoxoxo me

  17. I am so exhausted after reading this and I thought I had done alot!!!
    Here is my elf name Giggles snowballer

  18. That is sooo awesome that you have such great friends, Keli! Sisterhood is sooo important and I'm glad you have that in your life. Sounds like you got a LOT done and had a blast in the meantime. Kudos!

  19. How fun!!! Next week, I am going to see my 6 friends who we use to do that until I moved!!! Just reading your post made me more excited for Saturday!!!
    What a great day even if it starts at 3:30am!
    -sandy toes

  20. i wish you had been there too! and...why is your mood wretched??

  21. Oh wow, WHAT A DAY!! Sounds like you guys had so much fun.

    There WAS a day I could of did it with you.

    Thanks for stopping by yesterday.

    Oh, I love your family picture!!!


  22. not no way, not no how...

    girl you CRAZY!!!!!!!!


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