Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Photos

Well, I decided I had better post some Christmas pictures before we head into the New Year. There might be someone out there interested in my family photos! I know you are out there!

First, we'll start with the annual begging of the treats in the kitchen. They act like they are starved to death! Poor mistreated pooches...Pop's girls...Ava & Ellie.

Ava & Ellie

Opening the beloved Ipod docks at Pops...what an awesome Grandpa!!!
Christmas 2008

Grandma giving me "the look". Why am I always in trouble?!
Christmas 2008

How did this get in here? What's this got to do with Christmas?!

These were hanging in my friend Miranda's house and I thought they were so cool!
Christmas 2008

Cookies that we baked for Santa, me, the kids, me and others....So? I ate a few cookies!
Cookie Fest 08

BIL and his DaddyO...
Father & Son

Some of the youngin's..Jake you need a haircut dude!
Maeci, Kailey, Jake and DJ

She was either yelling at someone or excited...LOL!

Grandparents opening a gift....I love them...
Christmas 2008 089

And why can't any of us take normal pictures....goofballs!
Christmas 2008 074
Christmas 2008 070
Christmas 2008 063
Christmas 2008 069
Pop & Kailey
I know there's more family photos but I don't want to bore you. Plus I'm not in ONE picture this year!!! What is that about???? I'll leave you with a few random pictures. I know you all had a wonderfully Merry Christmas and I'm so happy about that! (I caught up on your blogs..finally!)

Christmas 2008 036
Christmas 2008 013

This is my tree topper...
Christmas 2008

Have a wonderful afternoon! {{Hugs}}


  1. What a great post and what great pics! I wish I had the patience to edit photos like that! Glad you had a great day!!

  2. Looks like a great time! I am not in one photo either...*sigh*

  3. I am not in any pix either. Must be a Mom thing. ;)
    Love the pictures. Looks like everyone had a good time. Lots of laughs and smiles.
    Ummm...whipped frostingis part of Christmas...used to ice the sugar cookies. ;)
    Your cookies look beautiful. Almost too beautiful to eat. But I am sure I would have snagged at least a few. he he he

  4. What fun pictures...looked like your holiday was "merry"!
    -sandy toes

  5. great pics... looks like lots of fun was had by all

  6. How fun! I loved ALL of the pics. Our family can never take normal pics...someone's got to be doing something goofy or holding 2 fingers behind someone's head, etc. Our pooches are totally the same. They will drool on your pants if you are eating something and give you those big puppy dog eyes saying "feed me, I'm starving". Loved it all Kelli! Have a great New Years!

  7. Looks like a great time to me! I loved all the pictures!
    Happy New Year!

  8. Oh my! I love the drink in the tree...that looks tasty! I also love the faces in the pictures...great job capturing...Sounds like a great day!

  9. Love the pics and personally I like the "goofy" pics! It just shows ya'll know how to have fun! Thanks for sharing! I'm ready to get some more posted myself, whenever my family decides to send them to me!

  10. i am so behind on the blogs too! i am glad to see you had a great christmas!

  11. I managed to find my way into a few pics this year...I had too much fun taking pics to be in too many though!

  12. um, just so you know, i saw grandma today and i was NOT in trouble. must just be you! =P

    she actually said 'now this one right here, i'd be fine with seein' her everyday!'

    mmmmmm-hhhhmmm.........that's right. ;)

  13. Hey girlie girl! So glad you had an awesome Christmas. I loved seeing all your pics. The two shelties made me miss all mine in heavon. I've had 3 shelties and want another one.

  14. You guys look like you have too much fun around there. I'm coming to your house next year! ;)
    Happy Holidays to your Beautiful family!

  15. How adorable! Love those dogs- they look so fluffy and soft! Your family seems awesome- cutie pie grandparents there! Love all the shots you took- you did good! Happy New Year!

  16. If it makes it any better you were in a few pictures I took and posted, it wasn't on Christmas but you were decorating a Christmas cookie. :) I love to see photos and photos and photos! Great photos by the way. I took the balls/ornaments down out of the window today and it looks so bare.
    Looks like everyone had a wonderful Christmas!

  17. very nice family pics! I love your Dad, every time I see a pic I think how fun he must be!

  18. Great photos, looks like you guys had a great time...

    I did not make it in one photo either.

  19. glad you shared...since we're sisters n all..I needed to see what the rest of the fam looks like...it's ok that you're not in any pics...I know what you look like...j/k...sistahs can talk to each other like that yaknow... :)

  20. keli,
    thanks for your sweet comment! your family looks like so much fun! great pics!


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