Sunday, August 24, 2008

Should I Stay or Should I Go...

Stop Lights

This is one of my very bestest friends daughter...she's off to college this week, we'll call her Big Sis! She's nervous and excited about the new path in life she's about to venture/stroll/walk/run/slide down! It will be bumpy at times but she's got it goin' on!

Isn't she the cutest???


About 12 of us attended the Last Supper for Big Sis at her favorite hot spot...

Little Mexico

She was quite surprised to see all of us there.. or she pretended to be! If you knew, we really tried to keep it quiet but we all know how Lil Sis is...she may have leaked the plans...


Here's some of us partaking in a litte mexican grub.... we were the loudest group in the place!

The Gang

This is one of Big Sis's closest friends.....

Jorden & Brooke

Oh...I'll let you in on a litte secret..Big Sis got a tattoo cuz she's 18 and she she says...this is the parlor that carved the peace sign on the inside of her wrist...I didn't get a picture of the TAT...ugh..what was I thinking? But I'm sure y'all can picture how stinkin' cute it is!


Big Sis...We will all miss you! Nan and Mom are going to miss you terribly! Get ready for lot's of tears, phones calls, and text messages! Keep that phone on and close or they will both have an APB out for your whereabouts! And sista, you know what I mean!

Nan & Tam

Oh...and Lil Sis! Blogger friends - Lil Sis is something else! She's hilarious, fun and I'm telling you A MESS! What will life be for her without you?! Who's nerves will she get on..who will she argue with...Life is over as she knows it.... I'm a little afraid for Mom!

Jorden & Peyton

Jorden & Peyton

Oh yeah...she's got MOM to harass! Tam, I feel for ya! I'm glad I got photos or you would still be trying to figure that DAG camera out! Say it with me Tam - DIRECTIONS!


Oh and we had a birthday while we where there...Happy Birthday Brown! (She'll kill me when she finds out I blogged this for all of blog world to see!)


Big Sis, you've grown into a beautiful, loving young lady and I know that you will make something of yourself and go far in whatever you choose! Watch out campus!!! We are all going to miss you lots! Your humor, laughter, beauty, etc...thank you for all the fun you've given us! Have a great time at college, be careful and enjoy!


Girl, you know I have to end this with your famous expression or it would never be the same....


Te Quiero!!!


  1. she is soooo pretty! i can't believe she's going to college already! her & lil sis are supposed to be just kids!

  2. What a great post. Looks like dinner was fun. Good Luck to Big Sis, although from what you said it sounds like Mom is going to need the luck!!! :-)

  3. She is cute! :) and SHe looks like a RIOT!!!! i do that face that she is doing in the last picture ALL the time!! I call it my Crazy Monkey Face!

    anyway...everything you said about her was so sweet. I am sure she will LOVE reading this about herself!!!! You will make her feel so good!!

  4. She's gorgeous! GL to her! Now I have that CLash song in my head....

  5. omg i look HUGE in those pics.. that was right before i got superrr sick!


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