Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Celeb Strikes Again!

Ok...this is short but sweet....

Kids say or sing the darnedest things - The Celeb and I were sitting at the dinner table a couple of nights ago and out of the clear blue sky, she started singing Amazing Grace....."that saved a wrench like me"....LOL!!! I'm sure there's other kids out there who have done the same...It sounds like wrench!

Of course I had to get on the horn with my sister and she sent me this via text:

Another one saved by God. PTL!

And the next text said - Oh my - "Our whole toolbox is rejoicing!!!!" She thinks she is so WAS actually..and if you are not laughing, you had to be there....

Oh, how I wish I could think of more funny things my kids have said cuz there's a crapload but I'm so tired right now. The Celeb had basketball practice from 6:00-7:30...I got home at 6:00 changed and headed out the door. Of course, I had to have someone get her there so she wouldn't be late! I also thawed hamburger out before I headed out. Got home at 7:45 and had tacos on the table by 8:10! Started a load of laundry, cleaned the kitchen and was practicing vocab works with The Celeb at 8:40....

Oh, and lest we not forget the evening argument with The Teen...he is now moving out when he's 18 (6 months) with "the guys" because we are ridiculous parents who make him put gas in his OWN vehicle, which is really OUR vehicle that we chose to GIVE to me when you turn 18 and we'll see how far out of the driveway you get on $6.55 an hour....

I'm exhausted and may be turning in early tonight. My head hurts.....I'll get back to this soon...
Anyone else have some funny things your kids have said packed away in your brains??? Tell me about em!



  1. Oh girl, that had me laughing outloud. It's funny how they think the words to a song are one thing when they are really another.
    My kids have said some doozies over the years. I'll have to think about it.

    As far as the Teen is concerned. I feel ya sister. My girl will be 18 next year and has already started her planning of where she will be moving to. I have no doubt in mind she will be back home at least once. They think they can do it all on their own, and I hope she can cause I'll be right there to praise her for it. But reality is much different.

    Sorry for the post instead of a comment. I hope you felt better. We had baseball practice till 7 tonight and then 2 hours of homework.

  2. That is funny!!! Kids say the Darndest Things, don't they!?!?!

    i love it!

  3. john borrowed my screwdriver and it once was lost but now its found. that's why i put my name on my toolbox! don't touch my tools!!

  4. Yesterday Wild Child said "I don't like you" to me for the first time...I am so proud...I must be doing my job! LOL! Manga Dork will turn into a teenager next month. The transformation has already begun...

  5. That was awesome! And yeah, I agree with sister, it was funny!!! At least it wasn't Hannah Montana bursting forth from her precious self.

  6. Becky, thanks for the post, I love it! I'm glad you understand! Its frustrating!

  7. Scrappy girl, you crack me up! You ARE doing it right! Haha

  8. Haha! Marchelle so funny! I need my own toolbox! That's what I'm asking for for Christmas!

    Hope4Grace - Girl - She sings Hannah all day long too! But you know I secretly have a crush on Miley(in a non-lesbian kinda way)...: )


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