Sunday, August 24, 2008

WHO WANTS A CLEAN HOUSE...if y'all know the show, you will know how to sing this title! I so wanted to make a phone call to Niecy Nash and the Clean House crew but decided to tackle it myself! AAAAAAARRRRRGGGGGGGG! This is what happened when I was trying to find something to wear to church! Nothing fits, I hate everything, all my clothes are old, dingy and worn out! Great attitude to head to church huh??? Pray for me people!

I just wasn't fillin my inner fashion sense Sunday morning and this is what happened...


Here's one upside down cuz that's what it looked and felt like, like I was all shook up...


I'm a tad embarrassed by this but feel that I need to talk about my hot mess, foolishness and mayhem....

So, I decided to ORGANIZE!! I proceeded to pull everything out...


and go through every piece of clothing that we have and OMG I have so much stuff to donate to an organization that I love called Sheltering Wings!

I ask all you ladies and/or men if you are seriously still reading this a shoe problem???


And is this necessary? Does a girl NEED this many pairs of flops???? Pick me, pick me...I love me some flops!!! (side note: apparantly I do need them because I was only able to part with 2 pairs)


So....after much sorting and pitching, this is what I got......I really feel that the Garage Sale Diva would be so proud right now....


In the words of my girl Niecy...

Baby I cleaned house! Now, I know what you are all thinking...OHHH, Miss Keli, when can you take care of my foolishness and mayhem....I can only do all this fabulousness, one closet at a time!


  1. holy geez woman!!! it doesn't even look like the same room!!! i love the upside-down shot - couldn't even tell a difference! haha - good job though! it looks great! i could sooo stand to do that myself right about now. what are you doing tonight neicy, i mean keli?

  2. great job girl! however if big momma came over you would have given MUCH more away! the flip flop bin is RIDICK!

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog! Looks like you read a couple of them that I do too. I love finding a new blog to read and I added you to my faves! Love the Clean House reference! Your closet looks fabulous! You should put a flower in your hair because Niecy has nothing on you! LOL!

  4. And can you believe it's been 2 days and it's still clean???! Marchelle, I'm free tonight only, basketball has begun! So, girl if you got a flower for my hair and I know you do, I'm more than willing to take a stab at it!

    Back off my flops, Big Momma! I would be sick without them!

    Thanks Scrappy Girl! I may just have to start wearing flowers!

  5. wow! you did a great job!! i am IMPRESSED!!!!!!

    and yes...girl...i think you DO need that many flip flops! :)

    {i love shoes!!!}

  6. OMG I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!! I watch it every day on my lunch hour at work. Yep we have a TV with cable.!!!
    Your closet looks great!!! And to answer your question, YES a girl must have that many flip flops. I live in those things all year round. :-)

  7. hi there!! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I finally got to check yours out and now I'm adding you to my blog roll...okay, once my 1st graders leave the classroom I'll add you to my blog roll. I am also an organizational freak. I can only take messes for so long and then I loooooosssse it. I'll be stopping by often.

  8. Hi great post, but OMG, how can you bare to treat your SHOES that way? You'll hurt their feelings? I'm an 8.5, send some my way.


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