Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Squirrely Business

This is my brother-n-law, Mark. He is retired. Nuff said.


  1. So is this what the men in your family do when they retire? Gee, is this what Jay has to look forward? LOL

  2. awwww.. how cute! the squirrels were so tame at the Target House in Memphis that they'd come right up to you. (For food of course.. ha)

    I signed on to twitter to enter a contest, then I saw your tweet about your blog and I realized I hadn't been in here in a VERY LONG time. THEN I saw the "follow" tab there and I thought to myself, "but I'm ALREADY following Kelli"... APPARENTLY I was WRONG! ANYHOW... I'm folling you NOW. O;-)

    On another note.. I'm thinking it's weird that I 'ran into you' online TWICE today and it's not even 8 AM here. I'm gonna pray now that you have an EXTRA SPECIAL day! ♥ YOU

  3. Oh, that was SUPPOSED to say I'm "following" you now.. ha!!


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