Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Close your eyes now if you are easily scared! This will either terrify you or make you cry.

This is my Dad (aka Pop). He was a sport and performed a singing birthday gram for his boss. I didn't know whether to laugh, cry or disown him and move far far away when I received this photo. I was speechless. And that is not normal for me, ask anyone in my family.

The scary thing is that he looks very comfortable. Sigh....any single ladies out there? We need help! We were told that he was a hit and the performance was hilarious! He's even sporting a bra stuffed with toilet paper rolls. His boss turned three shades of red when Pops "breast" hit his shoulder. (That sounds so wrong.)

And thank you niece Hannah for providing him with the lovely red shades to complete his ensemble! Why would you support this?? Oh and I have to mention that my sister provided the bra! I should mention that the bra was not my sisters, it was a new bra and had never been worn. But still!

So, this is a look into our lives with Pop in it. We really are a "normal" family. Maybe....

Please don't leave me after you read this post. I ask that you pray for me and Sheli...pray hard.


  1. I commented on this over at twitter... So now I wonder, will Shel wear that bra... ever?

  2. OMGosh...that is too funny! When I was in high school, my dad (with other dads) did a dance, YES a dance in MY recital, dressed as women. Now that was embarrassing! And he wore a bra with balloons and at the end of the dance he popped it with pin. Yes, I was scarred for life!!! Why...why must they do that to us?

    Great story.

  3. ummm... what does that say about me that this makes me love him even more?

    Love you Pop! fo' reals!

  4. This just cracks me up!!! LOVE IT!!


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