Sunday, May 31, 2009

Graduation 2009

Well, it's over and I made it! And so did Jake! I can't believe he's all growed up! 18 yrs ago we were blessed with a handsome baby boy. Weighing in at 8.7 lbs on February 7, 1991. I can't believe it's been 18 years! The years really do fly by! My parents were right. I've enjoyed every minute of being his mom and will continue to enjoy it. Yep, there's been some trying times but I wouldn't change a thing. I'm truly proud of him!

Here's some photos from graduation for your viewing pleasure.....

Getting ready to head to the school...

Jake & Maeci

Jake walking with one of his best friends, Brad...

Brad & Jake

Listening to the speeches...


Getting the goods...

Gettin the Diploma

I graduated!!...

End of ceremony...the beach ball appears...

The Beach  Ball

Jake and his girlfriend Jordyn...

Jake & Jordyn


Brynn, Jake & Hannah

Jake and his buddies...

Brett & Jake
Jake & Jensen

And this? This warms my heart...Jake & Pop...

Jake & Pop
Jake & Pop

There you have it...Graduation 2009. Now to finish up the last few details for the open house.

I hope everyone had a GREAT weekend!


  1. oh my goodness....sniff! My baby won't graduate for another two years! But I remember my first son graduating. Talk about emotions....goodness!

    Awesome pictures. Love the one with Pop! Such pride on his face.

    Love to have you join us! We'll all keep each other motivated.

    Just do your post by Thursday midnight and let me know, then I'll put the link to it up on Saturday, with everyone else's links.

  2. I can feel the pride oozing from this post! Well done Jake!

  3. Aw, Congrats, Jake!!! Great pictures! Glad to hear you held up through it all.

  4. Beautiful pictures. So did you cry the entire time or what? I would. Luckily we have 9 yrs to go. Is he going to college somewhere?

  5. WoW...Mine don't graduate for another...oh don't know, but I can wait for the day that I am sure I will cry my eyes out! What a proud mama you must be! Way to go Jake!

  6. Seeing this makes me feel so old!! I remember babysitting him over the summer before Maeci was even born! Hard to believe he's 18 and out of school already!


  7. Hey BFF! I'm so proud of Jake. What a kind and handsome young man he is! I love all the pics but they make me miss y'all soooo much. His open house is gonna be awesome...can't wait to see pics. Love and miss you...HUGS...Ang

  8. Great pictures Keli....sweet memories!! Why is it that now that they are graduated they think they can lay around all summer!!!! Get a job for heavens sake!!! LOL

  9. i totally choked up on that one....for some reason your blog wasn't pulling on my blog reader? it had some weird honda motorcyle posts?? anywho, i'm back! haha

  10. why'my cryin'??? I am such a baby. ummm the first pic. ADORABLE. The pic of him moving the tassle on his hat.. tear jerker. And the pic with pop... PRICELESS!!! Wow... this comes too fast. sniff sniff. too too fast. reminds me to stop and enjoy every moment.

    Happy Happy Graduation. Glad you made it through girl.. even without my skittles and puffs!


  11. You've had a busy week, I'll bet!

    I am going to be posting a list of the people doing the Summer Cleaning Frenzy Challenge on Saturday along with a list to their cleaning list post from their blog.

    If you decide to join and have a room you did this week, or want to work on next week, just post your list tomorrow (Friday) and leave me a comment. Then I'll add your link to my list posting on Saturday.


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