Saturday, May 9, 2009

So Not Creative

Ok, so I've been thinking for awhile now about changing my blog name. I never liked it but could not think of anything! There are so many cool blog names out there and so many creative people out there.

I'm not creative like that... The first thing that came to mind was, yep I'm sure you guessed it, ready, this is HUGE -
The Young and the Restless
I'm not feelin' it.

A few friends in blog world have talked or have already changed theirs so they inspired me to hurry up and get it done. I'm a procrastinator....seriously, it's ridiculous.

Here's where you come in. I still don't like it what I picked.
Can you help me??? Please? It's not a contest, I don't have anything to give away cept' my gratitude and love.


  1. I am really not good at this kinda thing! I think the young and the restless title is cute!
    Good luck as I am of no help to you!!

  2. I am so not creative.
    Growing up but still Young
    Young at heart
    Oh to be a Young forever
    Ok, these are bad...but maybe you could make something from them.

  3. oh dear, I suck at this sort of thing. I like the name of your blog personally. Here you go:

    Did Somebody Just Say Chocolate?

    or Did I say that outloud?

    O.k., there you go,
    and don't forget I told you I suck at this sort of thing, lol!

  4. I need some help coming up with a new name for mine!!!!!!!!!


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