Saturday, May 16, 2009

Maeci Moo got stepped on!

Look at this face...pitiful. Miss Maeci Jae was dancin up a storm at her cousins wedding. She was having a wonderful time until the lady with the stillettos showed up. OUCH! She's been crying for 40 min. That is why she's laying in a hospital bed. I decided it needed to be checked out. It hurts to be stepped on. So, we are waiting for the xray results now. Please pray that its not broken. How will she dance at the next shindig?


  1. Oh no! I hope the woman in stilettos feels horrible! It wasn't you, was it? ;0)

  2. Oh Keli-I pray that you received good news and her foot wasn't broken! Maeci looks so pitiful laying in that big hospital bed-breaks my heart!

  3. Poor Maeci! Glad to hear she's fine and nothing's broken.

  4. Poor thing!!! I didn't even see this post. I think my follow is different on your new blog.

    But I am glad to hear that she is ok!!! Can't be messin with those dancin feet!!!


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