Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Maeci Moo, The Boy and The Girl

My cousin, Marchelle, is an amazing photographer! She has an "eye" for getting the best shots! And guess who reaps the benefits of having a photographer in the family (that's right ME) AND guess who she lives next door to (yep ME)!

We would be kinda like the Beverly Hillbillies if we all lived under the same roof...except for there's no Granny or Uncle. But Jethro and Elly May were cousins, so that's where the reference comes into play...follow me people.

Anyway, she took Moo with her on a little road trip with her adorable kiddo's to her Grandma's house. This is what I got for letting Moo go with her...well, this and a little peace and quiet, not that Moo is loud or anything but she does talk non-stop and I'm not even kidding. I know I'll miss it - someday.

OMGosh...the eyes, people, look at the eyes!

This is Maeci (aka Moo) with The Boy and The Girl
3 adorable kids

I love this so much

Sweet and innocent....for a moment...
just a moment

Fancy free and footloose!
Love the flying pony tail!

Um...I'm not sure what this look was for
but I like it.

Taco, Burrito (SNL reference)...oh...wrong cheer


Thanks Marchelle for making my day! I heart you.


  1. What beautiful pictures!!!!! Marchelle is truly great at it.

  2. aahh....those are so cute! The "look" pic looks like you but that last one she sssooo looks like her aunt Sheli when she was little!
    Aunt Meemaw

  3. Amazing, amazing, amazing! Why could she not have been a "pitcher taker" when my kids were little? I could ask them all of them to pony tail it up and hold hands in a field... On second thought...

  4. OH KEL....they are sooooo good! You know I love that girl with all my heart. I can't believe how grown up she looks in these. HUGS to the whole fam! XOXOX Ang

  5. So cute! They are pictures to treasure for sure!

  6. These are all outstanding! I love the coloring, the softening, the lightening! Very beautifully done and it helps to have a beautiful daughter to photograph! I love the one of her walking in the field.

  7. I L.O.V.E these pictures!! Moo is absolutely too adorable! And Marchelle is absolutely too good.

    Love the new blog and decor! I know how/where to find the 3 column layouts, but you can't change it often. Well, you can, but it takes FOREVER, let me stress it a bit more F.O.R.E.V.E.R to change and redo. They are nice, but I believe I will stick with my layout, the same blue (I like blue so it's ok) for a very long time.

  8. i need to come over and look at them on your computer, because i got a new monitor and HOLY COW they look even brighter than i intended!!!

    like 'cross-eyed' bright!

    but the reason i got a new monitor is b/c my old one was dying and making my colors funky, so when i edited these they may have looked good at the time??....

    anyway. you're quite welcome! =)

  9. Beautiful pics! I'm finally making it to visiting your new blog and I love it!!

  10. they are all so good! I can't believe how big Moo is getting!!

    Uncle Trix

  11. omg, the one of her 'cheering' really shows her stickness! haha my little skinny bean!


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