Monday, May 4, 2009

2009 Senior Prom

There are some things in life that are bittersweet and Jake attending his last prom was one of those moments for me. I really can't believe that my little boy is 18 and graduating this month.

Ok, moving along, no time for tears, this was a happy moment!

The boys got all dressed up and headed out to pick up the girls. We met them at the park for picture takin' time.

Here we are at the park taking tons of pictures! Here's a few....

The were so many gorgeous dresses that it made me want to be a Senior again...just for a minute.
The kids had a wonderful time! They showed up at Post Prom very tired but still enjoyed themselves. Jay and I had a great time too chaperoning!


  1. Beautiful pictures!! I love seeing all the kids all dressed up. The girl's dresses were beautiful!! And they guys looked very sharp.
    You couldn't pay me enough to go back and be a Senior again, a Junior yes, but I would want to come back to my life now before having to be a Senior year again.
    Glad they had a fun time!

  2. I love how you editedt he pictures. They look so handsome and the girls look gorgeous, I love their dresses!! You took some great pictures!!

  3. Oh my...what a bunch of great-looking kids! They look gorgeous!!!!

  4. Beautiful...what a group. How fun.

  5. love the pics...especially the B&W!

  6. great pics! What fun...kinda made me want to be a senior again...for a second...

  7. I loved all the pictures. What a cute little couple. So glad you all had a good time. Great photos to look back on.

  8. love it and love the socks jake!

  9. Oh Keli!

    You are so getting down with the editing. What are you using PSE, Picnik? I loved everyone of these, and what a great moment to capture in the way you did!

    I love the colorization, it was SUPERB! Thanks for sharing these great memories!

    Love and Prayers,


  10. Great shots and great editing! Wasn't it fun seeing everyone dressed up? When Ryan and I went to prom on Sat, I loved just to sit and watch!


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