Friday, May 29, 2009

My Baby is Graduating!!!

I'm hyperventilating, my stomach is in knots
and I think I may throw up. Seriously, I am a
nervous wreck! How am I going to make it through
the ceremony?

I suppose with a paper bag
and a
of Puff's
with lotion.
I just can't
it's here,
it's tonight,
it's 3 hours
and 30 min. away.....

And another thing?
I wish my Mom was here to see him graduate.


  1. Kel, Good Luck. I did it last night and only puddled up twice. It is a great feeling to have them graduated! Good Luck.

  2. widdle jakey... him such a big boy! yes him is!

    seriously. do you realize how OLD this makes ME?!

  3. Oh Keli... I know I've joked on twitter about today. I can only imagine how I'll feel when my oldest is ready to cap/gown. Today (shoot, I think it's over now...) is a very happy emotional day... and I'm sure a bit sad because mom/grandmom isn't here. But you know... she is here... looking down on how wonderful a boy he has grown into being, and how proud she is of you... his mom... and proud of the new graduate.

    I don't know your history... about mom... how long she's been gone and all that... but I can say that I know how you feel (well, not the graduating thing)... missing mom, wishing she were here in person for all the wonderful memories that you are living. This I DO understand... as 1/2 of my life has been spent without my mom...

    Hugs for you and a big high five for your young man!

  4. Aw, Congrats to Jake! And here's a Puff's from me. I was ready to cry right along with you during your messages through Twitter. *sniff sniff*
    It looked like a wonderful ceremony. Congrats Jake!!

  5. That's the first thing I thought about today, how I wish mom could've been here. It broke my heart not having her at Kailey's, so I know how you feel. We have a lot of moments like these that we will continually face. Thank the Lord we still have our wonderful dad!
    And at least you finally got it right! It is ONLY Puffs w/ lotion...nothing else comes close to sniffle comfort.

    My widdle Jakie Poo, Aunt She She wuvs you soooo much. To the moon and back. You want me to hold you? I will. And then I've got work for you to do. ♥ ~ Aunt She She

  6. Oh I pray your day was wonderful. I love these pictures...

  7. She is there to see him graduate...of that I am sure. Congrats to him! LOVE the last photo!

  8. Oh I just saw this and it made me cry. These pictures are amazing.


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