Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Please read, you will be glad you did!

Just entered an awesome giveaway for my friend Amy 

Please click on her name, take the time to read about her personal battle with cancer and her son Philip's medical battle.  Amy is an amazing woman, wife, mom and friend & Philip is one COURAGEOUS young man!   Amy is an inspiration to me and I know once you read her story, she will be an inspiration to you too.

Amy also has a fundraiser running right now for her son Philip...very cool t-shirts!  (short and long sleeved)

For more info or to order a t-shirt click on Amy's name or you can order from my sister's blog here http://whileiamwaiting423.blogspot.com/2009/09/fantastic-giveaway-and-fundraiser-to.html.  Half of the proceeds go straight to Amy for Phillip's medical needs!!!  What an amazing friend Lisa, owner of  Live Life Solid is!

Please pray for Amy, Philip and their family and consider helping Amy raise the funds to help with their medical needs.

God is good and He will get them through this battle! 


  1. Great post for a GREAT family! Thanks for givin' my blog a "shout out" :) Praying that the orders come in abundance!!!

  2. wonderful post! I just love your blog!I saw pics. of Phillip what a precious young man!If I can get the funds together I will buy a t-shirt!


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