Thursday, January 14, 2010


I've been thinking about so many things lately.  Does anyone else stress and worry about the path their kids will choose?  Do you worry that you made mistakes in how you've raised them?  Do you pray that things that you have said to them were the right things? 

As most of you know I have a 10 yr old and a almost 19 yr old.  I am so very thankful for my kids.  I can't imagine life without them but whew....there have been some trying times.  How do you do it??  I'm going through normal trials, I'm sure.  Maeci (10) is a fun, caring mostly quiet girl.  Most of my time is spent with her laughing.  She gets A's and B's, never gets in trouble, worries herself sick if she thinks she's not going to get a B or above, etc. But dang the girl is MOODY! 

My biggest test right now? Jake.

Jake? Almost 19? Did you know he's an adult?  At least that's what he tells us.  He's a great kid.  Very moody, comes with the age. Loves joking around, has lots of friends, a girlfriend, a job, etc.  Jake graduated in May of 09.  He made the decision not to go to college.  I would have preferred college for him but it was not my decision to make.  He has worked since he was 15, which I'm so very proud of him for.  BUT (this may just be me), when you make the decision to not go to college after graduation, LIFE has begun.  Right?  You need to get serious and pay your own bills.  Don't get me wrong, I know how exciting it is to graduate and be FREE of the responsibilities of school.  Been there done that.  But play time stops at some point and you have to become responsible. 

We gave him the talk about finding a full time job, putting some thought into your life, your career.  So, time has gone by, he's looked for full time work periodically...nothing.  We told him he should be looking daily and not just at the places you think you want to work.  He rarely asks for money, buys his own clothes, gas, etc.  He just doesn't seem to get the importance of applying to jobs every single day.  It's frustrating, stressfull, worrying.  We've talked until we are blue in the face about the importance of being RESPONSIBLE. I will confess, I am a little lienient, he's my baby.  But it's gone on long enough and I have to get tough.  I'm not sure that's possible.  I get scared when I think of him out there on his own, without me, all by himself, alone.  Silly? 

He has wanted to be a Fireman for a very long time and I'm good with that.  He has a plan!  His CPR class is February 9th and EMS training starts February 16th.  It's all in motion!  Then he will take a Paramedic course.  YES!!!  He will be able to start applying at fire departments when he turns 21.

But you know what is so so so frustrating?  Me:  "Jake, are you excited about getting your classes started?"  Jake: "No."


Why is parenting so hard?  Why didn't someone warn me?  I pray alot and I know God will help us through this.

He's just like me when I was 18. Then End.

P.S. If you are still with me,  suggestions welcome.


  1. Oh dear I am no help but am terrified of Elly being an adult...she's moody now at 5...God help me at 19!


  2. Ahh, yes, moods. Good thing we love them anyway or else they'd be sleeping in the garage until they're over it! My Maeci isn't moody, btw. She's too sweet to be moody. Anytime she needs to get out of the house (or you need her to), send her to her second home. My daughters can do some gymnastics and make it all better. :)
    As far as Jake, take notes for me please. Good luck!

  3. It will work out, you have done your job well lady, or else you wouldn't be stressing. You love him, you have raised him right. My dad was a fireman for 34 years. Great career.

  4. Pray, pray & then pray again. Then kick him out! ~Words of Wisdom by Aunt She She =0)

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  6. I'm still with you. I have missed you. I have been praying for Jake and you and Jay. I don't have solutions or suggestions. But I will share a story...

    Young man around the age of Jake... didn't want to go to college, didn't want to go to trade school (even tho he was great at electronics and fixing things). Lived with mom/dad in a christian home. Worked part time, paid rent and gas for car. Did not pay for food or other car expenses. Parents didn't see an end in sight... (aren't we supposed to raise them and then at some point kick them out of the nest and pray they fly... knowing they will?). Finally parents had enough... ultimatum time... join the military, go to college, go to trade school, or get out. He chose trade school. There was a year or two that were hard times for son and parents. But he turned into a most responsible man with his own family and the means to support that family.

    You already know this Keli... God has a plan... our job is to pray and act. Turn the worry over to him. This will have a good outcome, that I am certain.


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