Thursday, February 5, 2009

New Blogger Alert....

My girlfriend Tammy has been sucked into our world...Blog World! You can find her by clicking on her name. Her first post was a Wordless Wednesday post. Please show her some love! We need to get her moving on posting and joining in the fun! I know you all can help me!!

Thanks!!! xo


  1. I will check her out!!!
    -sandy toe

  2. I am on my way to check her blog out!!!! ♥

  3. wooo TAM!!!

    and thanks for linking to my photog-blog! you didn't have to do that!! i just meant ya'll could follow it if you wanted - i wasn't fishing for free adverstising! so thank you!

    (but really you don't have to take it down.. i mean you can keep it up if you's up to you...whatever you want to do! i'm fine with it! really! i am!)

  4. You go girl...bringing all these new friends into bloggyland! Have a great day!!

  5. I told my friend today that she ought to blog but so far she's not interested! How fun to have a friend who does it. I'll go check her out.

  6. I'll go welcome her to our world now! Can you believe the pics of Ang's colt? talk to ya soon!

    Love and Prayers,


  7. You got it dude...btw I mentioned you on me blog yesterday i had to deal with "The Wal-Mart" HA!

  8. okay sister of mine... :) named Keli Dawn...who is VERY close to my age....who has two children VERY close in age to mine....omgosh...following you now :) my tweeter is happysunshien :) send me yours...gotta myspace and facebook too :) email me :) happysunshien at ....


    Kelly Dawn...

  9. I went there! Added her to the blog roll and left a comment...Welcome to our world right!!! Love the songs on the playlist...super cool!


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