Sunday, January 24, 2010

Game Night

Seriously.  There is nothing better than hanging out with family and friends.  We were invited to game night with friends from church.  We all brought snacks and our kids. Notice I said snacks first...I love me some snacks. We had the normal introductions and then we filled our plates.  MMMMMMMM!  Someone made spinach dip w/ Hawaiian bread, cheese dip, Robert Redford brownies, veggies/dip, fruit, peach pie, etc.  I love snack foods.  I think I tasted a little of each.  Don't judge.

Then we moved on.  Karoke with the kids.  Do you know how cute it is to hear little ones sing The B I B L E? And Jesus Loves Me?  Of course everyone was watching smiling, laughing......Me?  I had tears in my eyes.  I'm such a cry baby.  When things are cute, funny, precious and involve little ones, I boohoo.  I can't help it.  So darn cute!

Then we broke up in teams and played Pictionary.  Fun fun game!!  We involved the kids and had a blast!  Cracks me up to see what people draw for their word!  hahahaha!

Kids played Twister and then we moved on to a game called Spoons.  Ever played it?  I had not.  You need spoons and a deck of cards.  Very easy to learn but can be very violent!  People really want a spoon!  My Dad even snatched one from a small child!  And he wasn't giving it up.  LOL! Bummed that I forget my camera! 

We had a great night.  I wasn't feeling that great when we headed over but laughter really is the best medicine.

Thank God for family and friends.  Good times!

I hope all of you are having a great weekend so far!



  1. we went to an ice festival that was very crowded but still fun!

  2. just stopping by to say hi! sounds like a lot of Fun! stop back by

  3. Hmmmm I don't think I've played spoons but it sounds really fun!! :)


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