Saturday, September 6, 2008


The Teen is a SENIOR this year! That makes me officially OLD! I can't even believe it...I feel like I've let so much slip by and now he's almost an adult (not quite though, we are still ridiculous parents who make him buy his own gas!). I've worked my whole life, took the normal maternity leaves and here we are. What happened? I tried my best to attend all school functions, all sporting events, volunteered at school for classroom time, field trips, etc....but it still seems that it's passed by so quick.

Oh, and maybe I didn't win the Mother of the Year award when he fell out of bed at 4 and hobbled around, crawled down the hallway, and I made him put his shoes on, even though he was crying that his foot hurt...but I was going to be late for work people! And let me throw in here the The Teen was like the little boy who cried wolf....OH MY WORD was he dramatic...I never knew if he was truly in pain or not. Does that help my case any? Um...the foot swelled, turned black and blue, Mr. Mom took him to the hospital and he ended up with a cast up to his little knee. I didn't let him walk for then entire 6 weeks! And it was Christmas when he got the cast - he chose red of course and guess what???? Santa signed his cast Christmas Eve and boy was he excited when he woke up the next morning! Am I helping my case any???? But he's fine now...he doesn't have a limp or get off my back! I'm feeling a little sad girls...I'm tearing up as I write this not because there's not an award on my mantel either. Hold please while I grab some tissue........................................ok, I'm back.

Jake has been a wonderful kid! Other than the occasional (ok tons of) arguments, smart alec remarks, back talk (which I hate), I'm sure it's because we are ridiculous because we make him buy his own gas, and just plain ol' boy stuff he's contributed too, he's been a good kid. Oh, man is he accident prone - he gets injured like it's his J O B! I'm surprised CPS hasn't been at my doorstep...shhhhh....

I remember one band camp...when he was about 3. Santa brought gifts and he was rummaging around under the tree and he kept saying "Mommy, there's another one for J A C O B!" (he spelled it out) "and another one for J A C O B from big ol fat Santa!" Cracked me up - he was learning to spell his name.

Jake has never been into movies but he loves to take us to the Gun Show....

HAHA.....He thinks he's so funny when he does this...the boy is SKINNY but he's got arms! Don't make him mad! Cracks us up!

He's one cool dude!

Here he is with one of his favorite people...Nonnie...this is my Mom, she passed away 2 years ago and he misses her terribly. Jake, if you read this, just know the Non loved you lot's and we have tons of great memories...remember this one?? : )
Not sure about the look you were going for here but I'm pretty sure you were auditioning for a part in The Fly....

This just warms my he is with the truck (that he wants to trade in) that we GAVE him (titles still in my name), oh, and we (as in Mr. Mom and I) still have a couple more payments on...AND we pay the insurance on (that he agreed to pitch in on and I still haven't seen a dime ; ) AND we are soooo not right and ridiculous because we make him put his OWN gas in it...poor poor thing....did you all know that ALL of his friends parents give them gas money and they NEVER have to earn any money??? ALL OF THEM! Awwww.....can I get some violins playing in the background please????

And this would be what he does best...talking on the phone....and I'm sure he's talking to The Girlfriend...Get off the phone...Jake!

This is the Junior cool, isn't he? He just had to wear the gangsta white tux...

Always the comedians.....

Here they are with the girls..."boy's did you all remember your good socks?" Um, can't tell here but we had them lift up their pants and 5 out of 6 of them had Nike socks on, including my Teen. Sigh....I tried to raise him right....

I had to edit this post because I forgot to mention that The Teen has had a job since he was 15. And I'm VERY proud of him! That Summer when I told him he needed to work and not sit around and play XBox, he did just that! Landed him a job at Pizza King! WooHoo...GAS MONEY....INSURANCE MONEY! He worked there for a little over a year and moved on to a place called Wiggles (hence the Wiggles T in the pic) and he's still there! Now the only drama we get from his working is when we ask for him to do a teensy bit of work around the house is...."Are you kidding me, I've worked all day!" Now working all day is only about 4 hours....cracks me up! Everyone put their hands together for THE TEEN....seriously we are very proud of him!

And here he is all growed up...almost.....

Love Ya Jake!


  1. Well if that didn't make me want to blubber all over my keyboard! A Senior..... *sigh*

  2. What a sweet Momma post. WIth Manga Dork turning 13 in a few days I have been wanting to pout and cry and whimper all over the place. I just can't believe my baby is a TEEN! Waaaaaahhhh!

    Enjoy that senior year. I remember mine and it was a blast! So many memories made!

  3. What a great post and tribute to your son. I'm in the same boat as you with my daughter being a senior this year.
    Where did the time go, I can remember it like yesterday when I took her to kindergarten, holy cow now I feel old. And I'll get to do it all over again when my boy gets to be that age.
    I'll be doing a post to my girl on her birthday on the 22nd.

  4. it's going to be an emotional year momma! but at least you have 9 years until you have to do it again :)

  5. aaawww!!!!! how sweet was that!? i forgot all about him breaking his foot!

    you guys are RIDICULOUS for making him buy his own gas!? =P

    oh, and i LOL'd at "are you kidding me? i worked all day!"

  6. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! A mother's love:)

    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a nice comment:)

  7. So hard to believe that he's a Senior! What a wonderful way to showcase him sistah dearest. I know he's way too cool to appreciate this now but one day when he's old and gray (yes, Jake it will happen) he will love the way you recorded his milestones!


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