Friday, September 12, 2008


I hate when the alarm goes off at 5:45 and it's pitch black outside! I snoozed 3 times this morning and that means I lost 30 minutes of beauty time! And I need every darn second!! So, it was one busy morning trying to get the The Celeb on the bus, she remembered when she got outside that it was Hat Day, so in she ran to grab a hat..she quietly went into her brothers room and grabbed one of his Texas Longhorn hats (hope he wasn't going to wear it today)! She hopped on the bus yelling "bye mom, love you, bye mom, bye mom..." You would think that she's never going to see me again, but you know I love it! So, I hop in the car and head down the road...I'm listening to music (Everybody Dance Now) and rockin it out and The Teen sends me a text (cuz it's the only way he likes to communicate), he has a killer headache and wants to skip first period..Um NO..was my first answer but I gave in. We all have yucky days...I've stayed home a time or two when I really could have drug myself in to work...don't tell.

So, here I sit at work on this gloomy, rainy day.....

have you ever forgotten your underwear?

Just asking.....


  1. Underwear? Darn! I knew I forgot something!!!

  2. ha ha!!! no, i have never forgotten....oh wait....does a BRA coutnt? if it does, then YES i have forgotten before!!! yikes!

  3. forgot!? whatevah! like you forgot... you just didn't wear them on purpose! are you feelin free sista?

  4. First no bra at work and now no underwear! Good grief, what am I gonna do with you? JOIN YA, that's what!!!

  5. no, never forgotten but i had a dirty pair stuck in my pant leg once and realized it as it was falling out on my way to the bathroom. sexy!

  6. Love it!!!! Be free if ya want to!!!!! Commando is the way to go!!! :-)

  7. LOL! I don't forget, just choose sometimes;)

    It's gloomy here as well...Macomb, IL.

    Hope you find some sunshine today;)

  8. Sheli - Glad you could join me!

    Merrianne - Bra's do count! HA!

    Marchelle-I'm FREEEEEE!

    Ang - I would love for you to know who much I miss you!

    Prego - WHAT??? Now that is hilarious! Way worse than a dryer sheet!

    Becky - Commando it is!

    Adventure Girl - Good for you!


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