Monday, September 22, 2008

My exciting, busy weekend....

Whew! I'm worn out! What a weekend! Let's see, it all started on Thursday evening when Mr. Mom started feeling crappy. I ended up staying home on Friday with him because he was in so much pain and I wasn't sure if we were going to end up at the ER or not. He went to see the doc, had an x-ray and blood work and was told he had some sort of infection. Mr. Mom's exact words....."Dr. Rogers just called and said that some of my tests were really bad and off the charts!" What does this mean??? He couldn't remember anything else! What????? He's killing me with this. So...I have no clue what to do other than keep an eye on him for fever. Ugh... So...we waited and waited. He hasn't slept in two nights and not only is he driving himself nuts, he's driving me insane! I can't stand tossing and turning...lay still already or move to the couch for pete's sake! Just so you all know...I am not a nurse....

We get up Saturday morning for The Celeb's basketball practice, which he insists on going to and he's still in pain. The doc calls to see how he's doing (How nice is that?) and when Mr. Mom said the same, he sent us straight to the ER. favorite place! We were there for over 5 hours! Good thing I carry a book wherever I go! They started with an IV, drew more blood and made him drink 2 HUGE bottles of barium, of course the label says Berry Smoothie...Um let's call it what it really is! DISGUSTING!

So, after an hour and 20 minutes of trying/gagging to get every last drop down, they wheeled him off to have a CAT scan. I snuck out during this time to partake in chicken alfredo at Pizza Hut with my Dad and Seestor. Um...One of us needs to keep up our strength! Shhhhh... Don't tell him!

FINALLY at 3:30 they give us the diagnosis of diverticulitis....WTH?...we said in unison! I won't go into great detail but it's an infection near the colon and is severely painful! So, he was given another IV with 2 different kinds of antibiotics and it took an hour to get that down. I, once again, snuck out and headed to pick up The Celeb and go to the grocery. I than ran home, got dinner started and went back to the hospital to pick him up. It was a grueling day! Did I say that I'm not a nurse already?

We had dinner, cleaned up and I took The Celeb to a friends house for a sleepover. The Teen was already at a friends for the night. Mr. Mom headed for bed and I got out the nail polish to give myself a little manicure. It was great! And, I watched College Road Trip all by was funny!

During this, I kept getting text messages from Mr. Mom, from our upstairs bedroom. "I need something", "Will you get me a drink?", "Can you bring me..."

Did I already say, that I'm not a nurse!


  1. oh my gosh....that is awful!!!!

    i hope the treatments work for him & get rid of that infection!!!!

    and need to stock up on you favorite snacks....looks like you are going to have many a sleepless night.

  2. For the love already Jay Bird. Be a man, quit with the whining already! Does he not understand that when the nails are wet there is NO running up and down the stairs???

    On a serious note, we are praying for him.
    Yo Sistah

  3. Poor guy! My FIL and BIL have had diverticulitis and it is so painful.

    I once had to drink that Berry Smoothie stuff. Dr. Hubby thought I was hilarious because I cried like a baby the whole time! It tastes like you are drinking milk of magnesia while someone squirts berry spray up your nose. You smell berry but taste milk of magnesia. Very weird!

    Hope he feels better soon.

  4. texting! wow, times have changed! much better than a bell though! haha

  5. ok, you are MEAN!! how about YOU go sleep on the couch and let the poor man rest! and reading a book while you're in the ER? how about talk to him b/c he was probably scared to death! LOL!!!!!

    i'm going to start calling you nurse annie!

  6. EXACTLY! Now where is my sledgehammer?? I am not a nurturing person! Men need to be MEN! LOL!

  7. Wow! How is he feeling now? I know someone who has that and they can't eat certain foods now. Did they tell your husband that?

    Thank you for the sweet comments on my blog;)

  8. Holy Cow, now that's a weekend. I'm gonna have to side with you and say, YEP I'm not a nurse either. When my man gets sick I do what I can but I keep my distance.
    But I will say this, he's the only one who takes care of me when I am sick and makes sure the boy is handled so I don't have to do anything. What I did before him I'll never know.
    Hopefully Mr. Clean gets better. Man I wish I could have been there with you, I had the nail polish out too!!! :-)

  9. That does not sound fun at all! I hope he gets better soon!

    There is nothing worse than a sick husband, they aren't very good at it, trust me. ;)

  10. Oh give the guy a break and put your nurses outfit on! I meant to say, "nurse face", you know, like nurse attitude. I can't believe your head would be in the gutter at a time like this.

    In all seriousness...thinking of you both. I hope he's feeling better soon.

    Love you!

  11. They are all the same! I guess that is what makes them "special"! Hope he feels better!
    -Sandy Toes

  12. My heart goes out to you, sisterfriend. My husband acts like that when he has a hangnail.

  13. Keli Dawn, shame on's not like he was whining with a cold. I can't believe you had to sit in the ER that long AND fix dinner!!! Gosh I hope things get better for YOU soon!!!!! Your hateful aunt aka Meemaw

  14. Keli- you are cracking me up!! Seriously girl! Hysterical!!

    I do hope however that Mr Mom is feeling better! Men can be such wimps when they get sick can't they??


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