Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My Morning...

See this girl - she wears me out! (but you know I love her!)

The Celeb and I went to bed last night at 8:30...I'm not sure what's been going on with me but I have been overly tired these days. Maybe it's my age creeping up on me..or maybe it's because Mr. Mom has the windows open, the ceiling fan and the floor fan blowing frigid air all around us and I can't sleep.....I don't know. I love to cuddle up in bed and watch tv and that's just what we did last night..EARLY. So...you would think that I would be rested today...but NOOOO...I'm not. I got up at 6:00 a.m. still feeling groggy and blah...got The Celeb up at 6:15. Once she's up, there is no alone time in the bathroom, even if she is ready she sits on the toilet and stares at me and the fun begins....

#1 Celeb - Your wearing green eyeshadow? Me - yes
#2 Celeb - You don't have anything green on...Me - it's ok, my eyes are green
#3 Me - You need to brush your hair....Celeb - Just put it up in a messy bun..Me - You still need to brush it.
#4 Celeb - Don't you think my sleeves are to short? Me - no they look fine. Celeb - Mom, look at them, you know how I like them. Me - Ok, just get something to wear.
#5 Celeb - What shoes do you want me to wear. Me - it doesn't matter.
#6 Me - Did you brush your teeth? Celeb - Not yet. Me - Go do that while I finish my hair.
#7 Celeb - My hair keeps falling out of the headband. Me - Get me two bobby pins and I'll fix it. Celeb - I don't want to go back upstairs. Me - Then don't complain. Celeb - Fine, I'll just wear it down. Me - No you won't. Celeb (she's gone for a few min. and comes back with it all fixed up) I just got a thicker headband, it's fine now. Sigh....anything to win.

Now we head downstairs -

#8 Me - I'll finish my makeup downstairs, we have to get your lunch packed. Celeb - And I need breakfast.
#9 Me - Go ahead a get your lunch started and I'll put the spaghettio's in the microwave. Celeb - Make sure you open the ones with The Cars noodles, cuz yesterday you fixed the wrong ones. (does it really matter?) Abby's mom makes her Ramen noodles for her lunch. Me - well her mom obviously has time for that, I don't. Celeb - I'm just sayin....
#10 Me - Finally we are ready with 15 min to spare, I think I'll finish my makeup now.
#11 Celeb - Do you wish your bedroom was down here. Me - No. Celeb - Do you wish Jacob's room was downstairs. Me - No, I like all the bedrooms to be upstairs where they are cuz no one can see when they are messy (of course MY house is NEVER messy). Celeb - Then we could just shut all the doors.
#12 Me - I'm finishing my makeup. Celeb - (she's looking at me intensely) Mom, What's a unibrow?? Is she kidding me with this???!!!



  1. Oh just pure joy!!!
    My mom got told once in church by our friends little boy that she had a mustache and beard. That right there cemented into my mind that I MUST always wax, no matter what. I had the unibrow until I started waxing. I will never go back!! :-)

  2. Oh dear. My kids are still monosyllabic so I can't imagine this...

  3. hahahahaha, my favorite is "do you wish your bedroom was downstairs" thats so maeci! i still think of her everytime i stop at the one stop sign near my house and she said "do you wish that stop sign wasn't there".....actually i think it's a sign of brilliance that she is analyzing those things so lighten up mom! tee hee

  4. you have spaghettios for breakfast? LOL

  5. So funny!
    When falls starts creeping up I am always sooooooooo tired.
    I hate it! Well if I didn't have to work I would love to hybernate all winter;)
    She is soooooooooo darling!

  6. Hmmm....out of the mouths of babes. They do speak the truth in these "little moments". Oh, yes I did!

  7. Love this! Hilarious! Sometimes just when you think you have had every weird conversation that they can come up with...BOOM! They ask what a unibrow is! LOL!

  8. Oh, this could so be my life and my children.....only today while I wrapped her hand in gauze (nursing fake injuries) I found myself trying to explain the word "goth" without referring to those kids at school that wear all black and look like vampires! I love your blog! Nice to 'meet' you.

  9. Becky - Hilarious
    Kate - Just wait!
    Prego-I'll try to lighten up! It's just so exhausting!
    Marchelle - NO! The spaghettio's were for her lunch!
    Adventure Girl - I'm ready to hibernate too! Thanks!
    Sister Dear - Oh no you di'nt!!!
    Scrappy Girl - I know! It's neverending with her!
    Edie+Steve-OMG - we wrap up in guaze all the time for fake injuries! Cracks me up! We are soooo friends now!

  10. You know it's bad when you go from gauze to Vet Wrap!

  11. It's alright Sister Friend, I love you unibrow and all. tehehe They probably have a support group for that.

  12. I'm with Marchelle..you have spaghettios for breakfast?? lol but I gotcha now! BUT aren't they cold by lunchtime from warming them up in the morning?? :) She just needs to eat them straight out of the can with a spoon! haha!!
    Just wait until she's a teenager!


  13. tired, and spaghettio's for breakfast?? Could we be pregnant?? LOL! Hang in there! :)


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