Friday, September 26, 2008

Our Trip to Micky D's...

Have any of you ever taken two 9 yr. old girls to McDonald's? I'm sure that some of you have. It's definitely an adventure in patience!

Let's start with a photo of the two 9 yr olds..This is Maeci and Lexi.

Here they are in all their Princess glory. Two peas in a pod....

This is the way the entire lunch went. Maeci, you need to eat...
Maeci - "Lex-look at this."
Lexi - "I know, it's so cool."
Maeci - "I love the Wizard of Oz."

Maeci, really you need to take a bite...
Maeci, take that nugget and put it in your mouth! We can't spend all day here!

Take note of the size of that sweet tea, will ya! Does a 9 yr. old really need this much sweet tea? Let the judging begin!
"Check out the Oz characters on the box, Lex!"
"I know, who's this?"
Girls, really, let's eat!

By this time, I am worn out, have been done eating for 30 min or more! be young again, and not in so much of a hurry!

After thinking this whole lunch through, I found out that I needed a reminder to slow down and enjoy the good stuff! And this time with these two wonderful little girls was my reminder. We all need to slow down and enjoy life a little more and enjoy the little ones around us. Time is moving much to fast and soon they will be all grown up, in all their Princess glory, and we will be wishing for those LONG McDonald's lunches.


  1. Keli,
    I'm usually trying to discourage trips to McDonald's but I adore the Wizard of Oz we've been twice this week. Please don't judge!

  2. What a great post Keli! You know from my blog that I experience McDonalds shame. LOL! I totally understand. Looks like they had fun!

  3. we just got us a tin man the other day! very cute post, it is nice to remember the important things in life, like sweet tea! mmm-mmmm....=)

  4. Asolutely true. I actually LOVE hanging out with little girls. As much as I love my sons (and I do love my boys!), I was so excited when I found out that one of the twins would be a girl for this exact reason. I've been dying to check out those Madame Alexander doll toys...

  5. Don't you know we will miss these days! But I will admit I have let the kids take their happy meals to go because they played in the playland the whole time! Hey, it's good excercise and I can eat in peace. As long as I lather them up in purell it's all good!

  6. Funny!! :)

    been there. done that! :)

  7. Ahh, memories....

    Cute post sister dear!

  8. So cute! I am a McDonald's junky. I loved McDonald's growing up, I loved taking my girls there and I love it now. I love Coke and fries!
    Cute post!~ I can't wait to take Cooper!

    I have tagged you~


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