Thursday, October 23, 2008

I found my soul mate...UPDATE

Apparently I'm asleep while I'm at the gym...have you read the ingredients on these things?! Not a big help at all!!! There are 2.5 servings in one bottle. Let me break it down for you...(dancing..oops not that kind of breakin' it down, sorry), anyway, it goes like this...

Per Bottle - 70 calories, Sodium 270mg's, Total Carbs 17 grams

Good gravy - G2 is no help at all! Not my BFF no more! I'm going back to COKE!

And now I've found my new BFF...I've been getting up at 4:45 or so and heading to the gym before work. I sometimes forget my H2O. Then I scrounge around in my bag for $1.50 (crazy!) to grab a G2 from the machine.

Grape G2 caught my eye one day (definitely not a special "headlight to eyes" moment that happened when I met my Red) but a BFF moment for sure.

Have you tried these people?! YUMMO!!! I stopped at Kroger on my way in and grabbed an 8 pack! So, my new plan for helping me with my weight loss is Grape G2 and cut out the soda! I will miss my Coke.....It's so hard.......

And then Maeci, my beautiful daughter, says " are not look good." My personal cheerleader....
I love her....I won't even tell you what "The Teen's" comment was....he thinks he's funny!


  1. I have never tried G2, but I will have to pick one up soon. Thanks for the info...You present it in such a way that I fell like I have to sprint to the store and get one right now. Are they paying you to promote G2?

  2. your personal cheerleader is so stinkin' cute..

    I didn't like G2 eew..
    Yeah, they always get us on the serving sizes.. ugh.

  3. My boy likes those things, I can't do it. I hate Gatorade and any of those energy drinks. He's really into the Tiger Gatorade right now. He loves it for baseball games. Not that the little stinker needs the energy because he has enough, Lord knows he sucked it out of me at birth.

    Your personal cheerleader is adorable and can you ask her if she will be mine too. I could use that positive energy over here. I live with two kids who can eat whatever they want and NEVER gain a pound. Damn that ex-husband of mine. :-)

  4. have you tried Propel? 25 calorie per bottle, 0 fat, 70 mg sodium, 6gm carbs (4gm sugar)

    thats for a 16.9 oz bottle... they give the info per 8oz serving and per bottle on the label

    I really like peach flavor

  5. I'm with Becky...not a fan of the flavored drinks, especially grape. But, on another note, I am SOO super duper proud of you for getting to the gym. You are my idol, I love you, and Maeci's right.

  6. You are a beautiful person. Hug your daughter and pat yourself on the back for getting up and to the gym. Wow! There is a fitness room on the first floor of the hotel that we are staying at, it's beautiful. I look at it every time I walk by it. Maeci is so sweet!

  7. Coke IS my BFF...LOl! I could never leave it! I need to be working out bad!! I ran in place for awhile last night, doesn't that count???!!!! Your little one is so pretty! And I can only imagine what the boy!

  8. i'm going to get you to drink water if its the last thing i do! you do deserve a medal of honor for getting up that early. i think of you when up at that time peeing and when i go back to sleep :)

  9. She is so cute..don't you just wish we saw ourselves through their eyes..

  10. Props to you. You are doing great! I hear ya on the coke. Coke is my addiction. I go threw fazes where that's all I want to drink, like now, and then I realize how bad I am and cold turkey stop............for a while.

    You are making me remember when I use to wake up at 5ish and swim everymorn. I just can't make myself do that right now. I just don't want to, but I am sure proud of you! You go girl!

  11. Hooray for you for getting up early to workout.I am still in the 'thinking about it' phase. I have never tried G2, but I will. You should tell them you deserve a case for free by just promoting them on your site.

  12. The serving sizes are killer! I feel for you cause I have been through the same thing with Vitamin Water. I thought it was great until I saw the serving size and calories :(

  13. I am so going to have to try a G2. Ok you are going to think this is funny but I thought I was the only person alive on this earth who said "Good Gravy" I knew I liked you from the first blog I read of yours.


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