Thursday, October 16, 2008

Maeci Moo and Ginger too....

(please excuse some of these photos, you will know which ones, they were taken with my Blackberry)

Ok, I was feeling fresh out of blogging ideas until I saw our cat laying on the floor with our daughter and I decided it would be an "ok" story. Please forgive me if it seems like I'm rambling or just close it up and quit reading and send me a comment that reads..."Keli, please do us a favor and come up with some better material!"

This is what I wake up to every morning...

Good grief, have you every seen such a face! This girl is not a morning person.

And this little hormonal furry ball of pure JOY came into our lives after the loss of another cat.
Her name is Ginger - Ginger Snap as we like to call her.

After "the look" every morning, Maeci has a routine....

It's a struggle every morning!And Ginger is right in the middle of it all! Look how she's laying! It's almost like she's playing follow the leader. She helps me wake her up, then follows Maeci to my room where she proceeds to do her bathroom "stuff" and then back to the floor to literally lay down to get dressed.

And they look at me like I have 3 heads when I'm trying to get her to get up and get going!

I can't even read without her getting in the way! Look at this!
Hello??? I'm trying to read!

And here we see Ginger fast asleep after her morning romp of Follow the Leader and helping me read....she is pooped...

Scuze me? You talkin' bout me?

As much as we gripe about her being in the way...she brings loads of smiles, comfort and fun to our family.


The End.

I just re-read this post and I, myself, may need a nap. So, please accept my apologies....




  1. That is too cute! I love that your little girl and the cat both have the same kind of look, that's says leave me alone, I'm tired!

  2. I enjoyed the post. Love posts with lots of pictures. Whenever I run out of ideas...I join a meme. Grabbing at straws here. LOL I think our girls wore the same shirt to school today. Hmmm...old navy I believe? If not, they both were the same color and stripes. We are so much alike.

  3. Cats are the funniest thing. Did you read my post for today? It was about our cat I guess great minds think alike LOL. Enjoyed reading it and just so you know you never ramble on.

  4. We just got a kitty too! I love my Arlo! Just took some video today. Maybe I'll get it uploaded so you can laugh with me at his flips and flops. :)

  5. Our cat does the same thing. She has this routine at night when I read to my 6 year old she comes in at the exact time, stays until I tuck her in and then we leave together. It's wild, but she does it every night. Except for those nights I accidentally leave her outside in the rain and don't remember until like 2 am and then she's all pissed off at me...

  6. I love it. I wish I wasn't so deathly allergic to cats. When the man moved in with me he had to give his cat away to a good home. The same cat that he got 2 weeks before we started dating. The cat was hilarious and was like a child to him. He named him George and before he moved in and we talked on the phone I would hear him talk to George like he was a human. It cracked me up. But alas, it was me or the cat. Thank goodness I won. :-)

    By the way, I presented you with an award over at my blog. Come check it out.

  7. ahhh, love that cat! i just posted about my big english mastiff dragging me around. LOL

  8. I am lovin' me some Maeci....and Gingie too!!! I love the paw prints on the book!

  9. Obviously those who read this blog have never met Ms. Ging-ah. She's pure evil I tell ya! Those looks are just the pre-warning before te head spins and the vomit spews!!!!

    Now Moo-Moo on the other hand,she comes by those looks naturally and only gives them out with good reason!(Have you met her momma?) You go girl, I've got your back. Just never give those looks to your dear, sweet Aunt Sheli. :)

  10. That IS a morning face...LOL!

    Love the reading cat.

  11. You've been tagged

  12. how come when maeci sleeps at my house she wakes up all perky and starts talking really fast and high pitched??? tee hee....ginger is too cute. Tia decided to sleep perched on my side all i'm not carrying enough weight around!

  13. I think that my son may be headed in that direction... First, he was the baby that wouldn't sleep, then he was the toddler who woke up at 5:30 a.m. and then suddenly he started liking to sleep until 7:30 a.m. Since I need him up earlier than that for our commute to work/daycare, I spend a portion of every morning poking him, turning on the light, tickling him, and finally sending the twins in to torture him. He just ignores us, rolls over, gets up and turns off the light, closes his door, covers his head with a blanket. He often opens one eye to glare at me and whispers, "sweeping." It's cute - but inconvenient. When he does get up, he's pretty chipper though. Based on this story - I'm wondering if cranky morning attitude is next on the agenda...

    By the way - I love the pictures of your cat. I'm not usually amused by stories about pets - but this one made me laugh.

  14. I myself probably have that same look on my face when i get up in the mornings. :)


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