Sunday, October 12, 2008

The weekend stuff...

Hi all! First I want to say, I love blogging and all my new friends! Thanks for all the nice and fun comments! Isn't this fun????

The Covered Bridge Festival was fun but guess what? I didn't get ONE flippin' picture of ONE covered bridge! Why??? It was sooo crowded, hot, crowded and HOT! I got very few pictures! I'm sooo sorry cuz I promised beautiful pictures of beautiful covered bridges! Ugh..But, guess what else...I'm going to head back out there this weekend! So, I'll try again!

Will this satisfy your need for a photo? She was an absolute doll! Her parents had a booth and I asked them if I could take her picture. Cute! I've always wondered to myself what it would be like to live with an Amish family for one week. To lead such a simple life and want for nothing. Has anyone else ever thought about it??

Amish Girl

So, we walked, shopped, and walked some more. We had the worlds worst lemon shake-ups EVER! But, we had some very good fresh kettle corn. MMMMM! I purchased 600 count sheets for $20! A very nice shade of chocolate brown...we'll see how long they last. I can't imagine TRUE 600 count sheets for $20! But I bought them right up because I love a bargain! I also bought a really cute giraffe print travel bag. I love it! It will probably only last me about 2 years but it was also only $15! Love the print!!!


I also bought my Dad some sugar free chocolate walnut fudge! He was in heaven!!!

We were there for about 4 hours and then headed home.

Up early on Saturday for Maeci's basketball game and the girl was on fire!!! She made 5 baskets and was all smiles!!! My Dad, Jacob (the teen) and his girlfriend were there cheering her on. She was a HUGE show off! We lost by 4 but she had so much fun!! And that's what matters, right?

Maeci and I spent the day together shopping after the game. Now if you knew Maeci and I in person, you would know why it took us 6 lllloooonnngggg hours to find a few winter clothes and shoes for her!'s seriously ridiculous. We have to touch and feel EVERYTHING in sight! I was told that I come by it honestly, my great Grandmother was the same! It's not my fault! I was born this way!

So, we shopped and we shopped. We found awesome sales on clothes and shoes for her and she is now set for at least another couple of months...until she has another growth spurt! She's killing me! Now, of course Jake NEEDS new's always something and never ends. We got home around 7:30 and then I had to clean the house for company on Sunday. I went to bed around midnight. I need some love for all the hard work I've put in this weekend!

Went to church this morning, great sermon! Wish I could type it all out for you! Then home to fix a FABULOUS Sunday dinner for 12 family members! WHAT? Everyone who knows me right now has their mouth open with a surprised look on their face...Keli doesn't cook! I despise cooking BUT I do make a mean pot of chicken and noodles! Come on over and I'll fix you some! We had C n' N, green beans, bread and my sister, who loves to cook, brought garlic mashed taters...YUM! And she loved my chicken and noodles, which is a huge compliment to me cuz she's a great cook!

Cleaned up the kitchen and now I'm finishing up this recap of my weekend, which I'm sure by now has bored you all to tears. Please don't cry, I will try to come up with a more exciting post this week!

Oh, and one more thing, if you remember, a while back, I wrote about being told how much I resemble Sarah Palin. I know you all remember every post that I type, don't ya?? I was told again by family that I look like her....maybe I should go on the road...



  1. Sounds like a fun and busy weekend. I have often wondered about the Amish too. Oh, to have it so simple. Your shopping day sounds like mine with my middle daughter. UGH is right. Forever in the store. By the end...I hate shopping, & everyone that knows me, knows that I loooove to shop. IT is sometimes pure torture. LOL.

  2. That bag is TO DIE FOR!!!!! I love it and what a steal for $15. Lucky you.

    And between you and me, if people are saying you look like Palin, I'd stay home. You might get egged. ;) hee, hee.

  3. Sounds like a nice weekend. We had some great kettle corn too this weekend, I love that stuff.

  4. Sarah, I mean Kelli, you kill me! Sounds like an awesome weekend, yet OH SO BUSY. Yet, can you count shopping as being busy? Just asking...LOL! I don't cook either...mind sharing the chicken and noodles recipe??

  5. You were busy!! I love kettle corn by the's grrreeeaattt! (that was supposed to resemble Tony the Tiger, but you know the lack of voice with typed words left me no choice but to explain!!

  6. You do look like Sarah Palin. I think you are both beautiful.

    I love reading Christian Fiction books about The Amish.. It is so neat to read about but I could never live my life in that fashion.. I am to

    Cute bag!

  7. Oh how I long to be at the hot and crowded CBF with you. But shopping with you and Maec might have killed me dead. You know me and shopping...get what you need and get OUT! ;) Love the bag. I have the small giraffe print purse. The kids and hubby got it for me for Mother's Day...I love it! Of course, I'll carry mine for years....not a week or two. hehe Would you get rid of this word verification thing on your comment page please?!

  8. love the bag! what's c n' n? oh wait now i get it...chicken n noodles?? haha, is that the same thing as chicken noodle soup? learn me!

  9. I love the bag and I can't say that I understand the shopping with girls thing...unless I am with girlfriends..I have only boys, so you know how it is for me....A polo shirt and khakis is the dressiest they get! I would have nabbed a couple of the $15.00 bags...maybe that is why my hubby says I have a shopping problem! LOL! No, longer...Dave Ramsey is on my tail.

  10. Kettle Korn is my the only reason I tote two wild babies to hot fairs and festivals. LOL! Yummo!

    Love the bag!

    We have had Amish people come and spend the night on the farm. I love my electricity though!

  11. Love, love LOVE the bag when you are tired of it send it my way please :)
    I too have always wondered what it would be like to live with the Amish I am so facinated with them.

  12. WOW now that is a weekend!!!! Sounds like you had a great time walking along the bridges, and of course I forgive you for not getting any pictures. As long as you had fun!!!! That's what counts.
    And shopping with your girl sounds like shopping with my girl. You have to look at everything.
    Dinner on Sunday sounded so yummy, I'm totally down for coming over for some chicken and noodles!!!!
    And yea, you might look a little like Sarah Palin but I think your prettier!!!! She kinda gets on my nerves!! :-)


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