Friday, October 24, 2008

It's raining it's pouring....

I wish I was snoring! Oh...this weather makes me so sleepy. So...I was checking out the internet to find a game to play and found this! I know it's a preschool website but if you know me, you'll understand!

Have fun!!!


  1. Ooooo cool website. It's gloomy here too. My sweet El said it's Eeyore weather Momma. Gotta love her!

  2. As wierd as this may sound, I am so looking forward to that weather. It's supposed to be in the mid to high 80's here this weekend. Don't get me wrong I love the sunshine and I will be singing the blues when it doesn't come back out but I could go for some cooler temps. It is fall after all.

    Cute website too!!

  3. I painted a picture on the site, and my wife wanted to know what all the weird sounds were. Fun Fun Fun!

    An Arkie's Musings

  4. I loved that site, very fun...

    Do you facebook? Would love to play scrabble if you do...


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