Sunday, October 5, 2008

Weekend Fun!


This weekend was crazy! We had so much going on and little time to get it all done!

Friday night was Homecoming. It's The Teen's last Homecoming and The Celeb was in the parade riding with her peeps from the basketball team.

(Homecoming pics taken with Blackberry because momma forget to put the battery in her camera!)
Homecoming Parade

The Girls

We had a great time, the kids had a great time and I repeat, I did NOT scramble to get all the Smarties that were being thrown right to me! What was I supposed to, ignore them? HA!

Saturday was a big day too. We got up early. I threw laundry in the wash from the 8 or 9 loads that I have to do. Laundry...YUCK! Then we were off to the Celeb's basketball game at 10:30 a.m. And she made her first basket of the season! Nothin' but net baby! Woo Hoo!! Of course I was not prepared and did not get the shot recorded nor did I get the most beautiful smile she had on that precious face as she turned to see if I had seen it! So stinkin' cute!

After the game we headed to grab a bite to eat and off to the far north west side of town. Mr. Mom had to quote a painting job for a friend.

I sprinted through the grocery store for a few things for our annual Fall Family Get Together. I so wish I could make every grocery trip that fast. I despise grocery shopping more than you will ever know. Mr. Mom helped me whip up my Buffalo Chicken Dip and throw it in the oven, cuz he's the cook, that's why! Looked at the clock and we had exactly 5 minutes to get to the Aunt's house for the big get together. Good thing we live close - we made it! We had a blast as usual when we all spend time together. We are a crazy bunch! My Uncle took us on the annual hayride to the pumpkin patch and this year we had real HAY! We normally have a non-hay hayride! We ate, drank and were merry and here's some photos so you all can see the fun that was had by all!


Cute Girl

Such a pretty girl!

Grandpa & Grandson - Two Peas in a Pod
Pop & Jake

My cousin Marchelle's little man...
Little Man

All aboard!
The Hayride with hay this year!

And these two right here are the best Grandparents in the world!
The World's Best Grandparents EVER

Love fire pits! It's where good dogs are cooked, marshmallows are roasted and great stories are told!


Stopped at the pumpkin patch and we all jumped off...Now which one do I want? which one do I want?

Ok, it's 8:40 and I was going to finish up with our Sunday but it's getting late. I'll blog about The Celeb's basketball games another day this week. Thanks for recapping part of my weekend with me! It's been fun!



  1. What fun! What a blessing to have all that family around!

    I love buffalo chicken yummy!

    Love the pictures! Have a great week!
    -Sandy toes

  2. Woo hoo on the first shot! I bet that grin was from ear to ear! I had never had buffalo chicken dip until last Sunday at our church mission's potluck! And it was yummy! And yes, you are right, I could always use more chairs, that is if they would just sit still!

  3. Der da! I just put two and two together! You and Marchelle are cousins and I've been visiting both of your blogs and didn't know it. I read about her family fall fun this a.m. and when I started reading yours, I'm like hmmmmmmmmm then I saw her daughter and was like ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh then you said you were cousins:):):):) Awesome!

  4. What fun! Sounds like you had a weekend that memories are made of. :0) Glad it was a good one!

  5. What a great family fun filled weekend. Sounds like you all had as much fun as me and my girlies....SWEET! (Couldn't help throwing in a Night at the Roxbury reference). SCORE! LOL!

  6. that look on the girl's face is hilarious, and the pic of the boy - that's the look he had right before he threw up!

    love the one of g&p!!!!

  7. those are great pictures!!! looks like so much fun!!!!!!

  8. uuummm,that would be STRAW not are showing how much of a "towny" you are!!! lol Yes we had loads of fun!
    Aunt Peg aka Meemaw

  9. Oh how I miss family gatherings. I just love the thought of a hay ride to the pumpkin patch and picking out pumpkins. I really do love this time of year.

    I'm glad you had a great weekend and I can't wait to hear all about the celeb's basketball game. And sister you really need to remember that camera!!!! :-)


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