Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Oh What a Night....

Late December back in '63. What a very special time for me, 'Cause I remember what a night.....this is one of my favorite tunes....

But, it was not 1963 nor was it a special time for me or anyone else in the family! Man oh man was it an awful night! This all took place last night.

Everything was quiet and normal until 10:00 p.m. Maeci and I headed to bed at 9:00, Mr. Mom was bowling with his league buddies and Jake was out with friends. Awww...quiet....then I was suddenly shookin', shakin', russeled, jarred awake by...Keli, Keli, KELI....I'm taking Jake to the ER. WHAT??? The ER...huh? He has a nosebleed that will not stop and has been bleeding for about an hour.

OMG! You all should have seen it...or not. It was kinda NASTAY! I flew out of bed and headed for the kids bathroom..it literally looked like someone had slit their wrists. The sink was full of blood and Jake was hanging over the sink and oh my gosh..it was just pouring out. I'm gathering old towels for the ride to the ER and gagging because of all the blood. And if you will recall from past posts...I am not a nurse! I'm sorry if this is grossing you out but I just had to tell someone!

I also want to say they we have dealt with nosebleeds with him for a very long time. It's always around this time of the year because of the dry weather and change in season. But never this severe. So, Mr. Mom took him to the ER.

I dozed a little while waiting and they returned home around midnight. The ER doc put a tube up his nose and it had a balloon on the end which they proceeded to blow up. The balloon applys pressure to the artery which in turn stops the bleeding. The tube hangs out the nose and is taped to his cheek. Plus they gave him vicodin for the pain...now remember this was just a bloody nose. Jake heads to bed, Mr. Mom heads to the drugstore for an antibiotic and more vicodin.

I go back to sleep thinking Jake is now resting peacefully. Why did I think that??? I'm not sure but he was NOT sleeping and was anything but peaceful! At about 4:00 a.m., we hear coughing and crying. I once again flew to his bathroom...my 17 yr old boy is doubled over in agony! I start to cry because I'm all emotional like that and can not stand to see my child or anyone in pain.

This balloon in his nose has made his nose so swollen, he was having trouble breathing and swallowing. Ugh! Vicodin is not helping this "discomfort"???? That is what the ER doc told me when I called him at 4:15 a.m. "The device we put in will cause some discomfort." I in turn said "I can understand discomfort but my child is in AGONY! So, Mr. Mom headed back to the ER at 4:30 with my baby sobbing. I'm telling you, I could hardly stand it.

So, I prayed that God would comfort him and I waited.

They came back an hour and 1/2 later and no tube! YES! They removed it and cauterized the artery. Why did they not do this in the first place?? Why did they put my baby thru that kind of pain??

All I know is God answered my prayer for comfort.

Jake is feeling better, he's sleeping peacefully as I type this.

And yes, that's my 17 yr old boys pink blankie....please don't tell him I told you that!



  1. OMGosh Keli...that is horrible. I am so sorry to hear that, but so glad that he is finally getting rest and that they were able to stop the bleeding. Will there be anything else they have to do in the future?

  2. Thank you so much for your comment! I feel like we are so much alike! I wish we could meet!

    We are going to follow up with an ENT to be on the safe side. I hope it's something simple!

  3. Oh goodness, so sorry to hear about your night. Praying you have a less eventful night, and that everything turns out well.

  4. Thanks Elaine! I hope so too! He just came downstairs for a drink and he looks much better. He even WANTS to go back to school tomorrow!

  5. Keli,
    As an ER doctor in my past life, you forget that everybody's emergency is traumatic for them. I'm so glad he's okay.....and you too!

  6. Ugh! My daughter gets nosebleeds put so far nothing to THAT extreme! My hubby has had his nose cauterized many, many times!

  7. Sounds like an awful night! Poor Baby.

    I found your blog through Elaine (Matters of the Heart). Just wanted to say hi!

  8. He want he aunt she-she to hold him....:) Hold the baby, love the baby. It's okay Jakey Aunt She-She loves.....

    The POWER of Prayer! Thank you Lord!

  9. oh no Keli! that is so scary and awful that they didn't just cauterize that vein in the FIRST PLACE!!!!!

    i fear that we will have to do this same thing one day with my daughter!!!! :(

    i am so glad your prayers were answered!!!

    and i won't tell anyone about the PINK BLANKIE! it is sweet! ♥

  10. What a rough time for him (and you mom)! I'm so glad he is able to rest now. It always hurts to see our babies(at whatever age) in such pain. Prayer is the best thing to do and that is what you did! Hope you have a better day tommorow

  11. Keli I am so sorry abou this. I am so glad that Jake is better and that it wasn't something much worse and yes God does answer prayers. Hope you were able to get some rest yourself.

  12. Oh my goodness. I'm very glad to hear that he is better. Damn those docs for putting him through all of that.
    You know my brother is the same way and so is my little boy. Always during this time of the year and it doesn't help that he plays baseball during this time too. Although right now he thinks it's cool to get the nose bleeds I on the other hand DO NOT!!!! Like you I am NOT a nurse!!!!

  13. Oh, How scary. I am glad that he is feeling better..

    I can't believe they put him through all that .. your poor little (big) guy.

  14. Oh Kel, I'm so sorry Jake had such a bad night. I'm not getting the tube when there seemed to be a much easier solution? Yuck! Also sorry I missed you call last night. I called back but figured you were shunning me at that point. ;)

  15. OMG Keli! I can feel your mommy pain! I am so glad he finally found comfort and the ER was able to help him!

  16. Oh that's terrible! Poor thing. And I would still have my blankie if I hadn't lost it at some point in high school...

  17. oh my gosh, I started crying off of your post! for realz! I have a 17 year old boy and it pains me if he is hurting too! I am so glad that prayers were answered and they carterized it, instead.

    oh btw, good to meet ya! I'm MG


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