Monday, October 27, 2008


I'm a big baby when it comes to the dark but I love to be scared....Why is that? M wanted to do something spooky over the weekend for Halloween. We headed to a Haunted Hayride only to get there and find out the line was over 3 hours long! No way I was waiting and it was cold and DARK! So, we opted for the Witches Maze in our little town. We paid our money and headed in. M is holding my hand and Dads hand....She's soooo excited but sooo scared at the same time. I wanted to take pictures but I was scared! We get about halfway through the maze and we hear M's name being called...very scary...M is beside herself! We come up on something fully clothed in black that's eerily calling her name....

Mallory the Vampress

M jumped and the Vampress followed us all the way out of the maze....the lovely Vampress was none other than our neighbor who was working at the maze. We headed out and the night ended in M being chased by an ugly pinked wigged "thing"...couldn't get a picture but he chased her almost to the car! Hilarious!


Sweet Dreams!

And M wanted to go back the very next night!


  1. You are braver than I .. I am not one for scary at all.

  2. Never go to those things...scare me to death. My kids want to go, but I won't take them because I am scared for them...LOL

  3. I am a big wimp. No haunted housed, haunted hay rides, haunted ANYTHING for me. I scare easily!

    Love the last picture!

  4. I am a huge chicken and you are officially braver than me...there is no way! LOL

  5. Ok, I love to scare the crap out of people. It's been done to me too and I laugh at myself very easily. But here's the kicker, I.Do.Not.Like scary movies. AT ALL!!!!

    Go figure!!!

  6. ME TOO!!! i totally love being scared, but don't like the dark or scary movies, ect. does that mean i have a warped mind???

    sounds like yall had fun!!

  7. That is great! I know she must have been scared out of her wits I would have. Glad you had a great time!

  8. So much fun- what good make up and that one- very spooky!

  9. I love them!!! I think it is so funny to see how little it takes to freak me out! Love the pictures! Really cool...=)

  10. seriously.....
    one time i went to a haunted forrest... {i was like 17} and i got so scared... and one of the guys out there GRABBED ME and picked me up and I PEED IN MY PANTS!!!!!

    taught him a lesson!

  11. I love haunted houses! I've been on a haunted "trail" sort of thing but never an enclosed HOUSE but we'll be trying a couple out this weekend. I can't wait! I love being scared but knowing I'm safe. Of course, only if my hubby's holding my hand!!!!

  12. Oh my word! Thing 2 would have pooped his pants and then slept with us for weeks to come. I would insist that he clean out his pants first though.
    Great pics! xoxox Ang


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